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You would not have to hit the brake to shift down. (assuming its a 700R4 with no electronic controls--later models have a ECM to control the shifting and solenoids. so one more time. The 700r4 I have now seems like it does not respond to changes in TV cable position. 36 rear end. As mentioned earlier by TCI’s Scott Miller, the OE 700R4 got something of a bad rap initially. B&M also makes a shift point kit for the TH350, 400, 700. 06:1) in the 700R4, you are in the right place. so the trans will shift automatic up or down. All of these distances and angles will determining where the cable is at close throttle and WOT and all points in between. Horse Power: 650. 00. Here you'll find not only a deluxe rebuilding kit, but also individual parts and accessories for your transmission project. Hi there- After reading many 700r4 related threads I am still having a hard time getting my 700r4 to act the way I want it to. The TV cable on the 700R4 transmission controls line pressure, shift points, shift feel, part-throttle downshifts, and detent (full-throttle) downshifts. The TV cable controls the line pressure in the transmission ( along with a few other things ). Second (2nd) and Third (3rd) Gear Flare up. The first issue was overheating. The T/V cable will change shift points, servo mods will also change shifting charactistics. A normal 700R4 will down shift from 4th back to 3rd when your at 50% WOT, when you have a corvette 700r4 (or any other stronger 700r4 with a stronger servo if I remember correctly) this will be at 75% WOT. 86cucv just gave an explanation of why the 700R4 transmission has not always been successful behind a diesel engine. GM deleted this hole in later pumps Now my question is. GM 700R4 TH350 TH250 TH400 Governor Shift Point Package by Superior $64. The TV cable on the 700R4 and 200-4R transmissions controls line pressure, shift points, shift feel, part throttle downshifts, and detent (full throttle) downshifts. The TH700R4 is an automatic shift, four-speed overdrive, longitudinally positioned transmission. The dyno sheet: Next on the list is a local drag race/street car. Of course, you can manually shift the transmission at any RPM you desire, but if you want to adjust the automatic WOT up-shifts, this can only be done by modifying the governor. 11's and weighs nothing, all making it shift too soon. . Well, yes. Mine almost immediately shifts to second gear under 10 mph its shifting. Mar 31, 2016 · The car is a 2. While we do install a shift kit to improve shifts and reduce slip, this has no affect on when the transmission shifts. ) The stock 700R4 has low shift points because it typically came with a TPI motor that runs out of steam at 4500 rpm. This unique shifter features reverse and neutral safety lockout button and safety switch. Making sure that your throttle valve cable is properly adjusted is essential for providing exact shift points and maintaining the life of your transmission. The shift point is 5 to 7 MPH. Properly built, a good 700 is capable of withstanding at least 450 lb-ft of torque. Jan 08, 2012 · But with the 700r4 (and th200r4) use the cable to control the line pressure and therefore the part throttle shift pressures and points. 700R4 transmission shift kit, prevents or corrects stuck throttle valve, downshift clunk, 3rd clutch failure, late shifts, early shifts, lockup problems, 2-4 band failure, reverse delay when hot, reverse clutch failure and 1-2 slide shift. Shift linkage interchanges. So you can never drive your 700R4 at WOT in 4th. These transmissions mate a three-element turbine torque converter to a Simpson planetary geartrain, providing three forward speeds plus reverse. Torqueflite part throttle kickdown linkage) controlling the shift points and part  controls line pressures, shift points, part throttle downshifts and detent TV Cable Connection: If you are retrofitting your 700R4/2004R transmission in place of. The 2-3 and 3-4 shifts are also late, but not as hard as the 1-2 shift. Dec 11, 2019 · One of the main causes of stock 700R4 failures can be attributed to the Throttle Valve cable (TV) cable. TV cable is right; BTO EZ setup. Under specific conditions, all Th-700R4 and Th-2004R transmissions should perform the following downshifts: Dec 13, 2007 · Basically, the TV cable is only used to tailor shift points with the Constant Pressure Valve Body. This kit includes with valve body gaskets. Broke up old filter, no metal but black in filter, soft breaks up easily if rubbed between fingers. TH-350 or TH-400) it is imperative that you follow the TV Cable bracket fabrication instructions. In other words, it will delay the shift based on how much throttle you are applying. TCI's Super-Pro kit for the electronic version of the 700R4, the 4L60E (PN-378900) offers performance enthusiasts firmer shifts and improved internals. Where you can run into a problem is there are several different length TV springs in the Valvebody. 1. After the cable is adjusted the approximate shift points should be 15 to 18, 25 to 30 and 40 to 50 MPH at very light throttle depending on tire size and axle ratio. Raised Lock-Up Speed. Shiftworks® offers conversion kits, cables, linkages, gauges, and even complete, new, factory-styled shifters. You should think of transmission shift points more in terms of engine rpm than mph, since the job of the tranny is essentially to keep the engine in it's powerband. It shifts through all 4 gears well below 2,000 rpm. If it has a cable connection near the cooler lines on the passenger’s side, that’s a 700R4. 845 Th350c Th250c Turbo 350c 250c Lock Up Transmission . Seems to me the only draw-back (with the vac. 17 May 2017 Tci 700r4 Constant Pressure Valve Body Shift Kit Lockup Converter 001 At this point we were able to remove the 3-4 accumulator piston and  TransGo Jr Shift Kit: 700R4 Transmission 1985-UP Inadequate pressure rise - Burned clutches and bands - Erratic shift points - Soft or bump up shifts - Bump  These cables are responsible for controlling line pressure, shift points, shift feels, This is a replacement 700R4 Adjustable Throttle Valve TV / Detent Cable. Again, thanks for all the helpful information, and if anyone has any further suggestions, I would certainly appreciate them. It would appear the shift points could be increased about 1000 rpms as it now shifts from 1 to 2 at about 4500 rpms and 2 to 3 at about 4800 rpms. The kit includes 6 weights and 6 springs to offer a wide range of adjustments. Oct 11, 2012 · I put a 305 small block with a 700r4 in my 88 jeep wrangler and the t. This car dynoed 397whp. That way it will have a ton of pull from maximum torque and then work up into maximum horsepower. 700r4 bellhousing to transmount 22 3/8" th350 bellhousing to transmount 20 3/8" (w/ 9-1/4" tailshaft housing) 700r4 overall length 30 3/4" th350 overall length 30 5/8" (w/ 9-1/4" tailshaft housing) 700r4 & th350 can utilize the same trans mount. I adjusted the throttle lever linkage according to the directions here in the Tech Library. The other day I added some more fluid cause it looked a tiny bit low, now the mark looks to be a tad bit high, wondering if this is what's causing my problem. Dec 11, 2007 · GM’s TH700-R4 four-speed automatic-overdrive transmission and its derivatives have nearly become the universal favorite of hot rodders. What should the shift rpm points be in a 700R4? I think the tranny cable needs an adjustment. If yours refuses to shift into overdrive, but operates perfectly from 1-3, it’s highly recommended that you get it home or to your local transmission shop quickly, but carefully. It uses centrifugal force to decide when the shift occurs and springs help determine the firmness of the shift I believe. Shift points on 700R4 What should be the mph the trans shifts at 1to2. Basically, it shifts like I'm on the throttle hard, even when I'm not. Under specific conditions, all Th-700R4 and Th-2004R transmissions should perform the following downshifts: Mar 27, 2001 · To stretch or change shift points is a fucntion of several things. The Shift Point Package will service governors in the 700-R4, 400, 350, 350C, 250 and 250C. This kit will allow you to custom tailor your transmission shift points. Apr 01, 2019 · Running mine on c4 corvette with 700r4 transmission. The lighter the governor the later the shift. The heavier weights are used for mid-range rpm and the lighter weights are for high Nov 10, 2017 · Yep. The one-wire is how the engineers designed the system, with the inclusion of the vacuum switch. Does anybody know what the stock shift points are supposed to be for the 700R4? I looked on TGO and people get anywhere from as low as 3500rpms to 6000rpms when it comes to stock WOT shift points. The TV cable is connected to and operates the throttle lever, For lower shift points at wide-open throttle install stronger springs. Kick down should come in around 2/3 to 3/4 throttle. Note: GM 200R & 700R4 Overdrive requires a 'Throttle Pressure Cable' to control shift points to prevent burning up the Trans. This is supposed to be the solution for what he explained: If not, some other things to check, if it WILL shift wide open, the tv valve may be stuck. Oregon Performance Transmission is the best place on the web to buy transmission parts! We not only carry a wide range of performance minded transmission parts for your car, but we also provide the best customer service; before and after the sale. This allows me to back it off a little and tone down the 1-2 shift. 2 in front of it. When the engine load increases, the vacuum level decreases, causing the modulator to shift the valve in the opposite direction, enabling the transmission to shift later. The 1-2 shift occurs late when under light throttle, and shifts very hard. Drained fluid, bad, light blackish light film in darker than normal red fluid. I haven't taken a pressure reading yet. The good The bad Let’s talk I feel that there are fluids that will hold to a weekend of racing with the right cooling in place If programmed correctly or manual valve body could get the shift point where they need to be Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Professional Grade Automatic Transmission Parts. If you are running a carb you will need a special bracket to set up the correct geometry for the cable to traverse. 700r4 tv controls shift points and line pressure, if not set properly it will destroy the transmission right away. Our Level 1 700R4 is an overdrive transmission built for moderate performance and geared to save you money at the pump. Front Pump Gears Set . Erratic Shift Points . It began replacing the 700R4 (which was then known as the 4L60) in 1997. There is a tool to remove the seal without removing the linkage. Turbo-Hydramatic or Turbo Hydra-Matic is the registered tradename for a family of automatic transmissions developed and produced by General Motors. The year is important, are the transmission shift points controlled by a TV cable (700R4) or by the PCM (4L60E). Light throttle shift points are measured in MPH and full throttle shift points are measured at what RPM. Aug 02, 2016 · Her YJ has 4. GM ran there's off the brake light switch to supply power to the trans to the convertor lock up automatic in third gear and 45mph. I can get them if you can`t find any. My motor turns on at 3500 rpm and I like to shift at 7000 rpm for first to second and 6500 rpm for second to third. CORE CHARGE: $250. Thread: 700r4 rpm shift points Tweet. 17 Jul 2019 700R4 are the two four-speed automatic transmissions always being You'll have to shift it manually as you race if not the shift points will be  The TV cable used on the 4L60 controls line pressure, shift points, shift feel, part feed hole it manages are critically important to the Th-700R4 and Th-2004R! Shifts and shift points. the Shift Improver Kit will provide the kind of transmission performance your looking for. Given a few bits of information on your drivetrain and tires it will computer shift points, max RPM. (DOES NOT GM 700R4 Performance Transmission Level 4. The torque converter lockup engages around 39 - 40 mph. 55 gears, 27" tires. GM 700R4 KITS and PARTS Welcome to our GM 700R4 transmission repair products page. Re: 700r4 governor recal kit 05-21-05 05:38 AM - Post# 699218 In response to built6 Built6 What I’m saying is to have your trans shift at the same rpm at full throttle from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd the valve body needs to be tweaked before the governor sets your shift RPM at full throttle. V. Loosen up on the TV cable a little it should make the shift points sooner. I have a 71 chevelle with a 350 and a mild XE262 cam, vortec heads and a 700R4 trans with a 2,200 stall. At this speed, any application of gas will disengage the lockup. The full throttle 1-2 shift will usually be at a higher RPM than the 2-3 shift. The stock 700R4 has low shift points because it typically came with a TPI motor that runs out of steam at 4500 rpm. The 10-vane billet pump rotor, and the 5-pinion front & rear planetaries. The vehicle speed that correlates to depends on gear ratios and tire size. Updates to the Transmission: Updated Sun Shell A chronic problem with both OE and thicker aftermarket shells is failure when splines continue to strip or the shells break under normal conditions. Loosen it too much and you will burn up the transmission. 73 rear gears?) Her YJ has 4. Tires roughly 28 inches tall. The major difference between the two is the way the shifts are handled. or there is a check ball that will fall into a passage which will make it FULL line pressure, saftey feature of the 700r4 if the tv cable breaks, that ball falls into place to protect the trans, but you don't complain of harsh engaugement either, so this probably isnt what it is. On early pumps the circled hole can be tapped and plugged with a 5/16 inch set screw. The 700r4 in my suburban just started shifting poorly. My GTA in Overdrive will shift at 4300-4500 rpms in WOT from 1-2 and 2-3. Suspect the previously owner may have been setting up the truck for drag racing. the brake light was used to unlock or break the circuit so BANGshift 700R4 rebuild tech part 1. As mentioned the TCC control may exist or you can control it manually if necessary. The ratio of the linkage on the carburetor is critical for a 700R4 to shift properly. The transmission shift point are determined by the gear ratio of the axles,tire size , the TV cable adjustment,and the govenor weights. Great for LS swaps or transmission upgrades! May 01, 2005 · Normally, a stock 700R4 or 4L60 would survive maybe 30,000 miles of trail use and twice that on the highway, according to Flash, but you can expect triple that amount with the components shown in Details. ATF: $100. There are modification you can do to change how the 700R4 shifts, but they are internal changes and parts. This unit will hold up to 550 HP. It accomplishes this through the use of two sets of centrifugal weights, each a different weight. A good transmission shop can reconfigure the 700R4 to work without the electrical control harness that it required in the Camaro. If it does eat itself, the only experience I have is buying a stock rebuild from Autozone. The 700R4 uses a control cable that attaches to the carb linkage for shift points and shift pressures. You can enter tire size by the standard profile numbers or by the tire diameter. They sell them for the Hot Rodders that have put OD's in their street rods. )--others like the Th400 and Th350 also have the vacuum modulator to vary the shift points and firmness in relation to the amount of vacuum applied to it. The distance from the pivot point of the carb linkage to the accelerator connection and the distance from the pivot point of the carb linkage to the connection point of the TV cable have to be the same. Didnt recall a vacuum line to the tranny. Other issues with the 700R4 include the loss of the second, fourth (overdrive), and reverse gears. So if the TV cable is not adjusted properly, it can cause numerous transmission problems. Supposedly the TCI constant pressure valve body will keep you from burning up the tranny due to incorrect TV cable adjustment, but the TV cable is still used to adjust the shift points. Dec 06, 2016 · 700r4 shifts into all 700r4 shifts into all gears while accelerating. Oct 21, 2008 · If you have your TV cable too tight, the tranny will think you are under a large throttle opening situation and it will make the shift points later. 700R4 Shifting question I have installed a 700R4 in my 69 Camaro. This 700R4 is built with the Street Rod enthusiast in mind. I have verified full throttle and idle positions of cable with the pan off. A stock Corvette governor is a good place to start for most cars. Designed for Chevy 700R4 transmission. Once you get it all together, I can tell you how to tune the shift points with the governor. Gear, Shift Point and Speed Calculator This is a gear, speed and shift point calculator. Do not confuse this with a "kick down" cable because it is totally different. 95 $55. These numbered 700R4 transmissions are built with all the best parts and years of engineering experience. Alot of these other outfits wanted $1500+. Jul 17, 2019 · The 200-4R and 700R4 use a Throttle Valve (TV) Cable or detent cable instead of the kick down cable that controls the TH350 and TH400 transmissions. You can remove one spring to raise the full throttle shift points. Additional Notes About this Kit: The Superior 700-R4 kit contains an anti-stick throttle valve spring. 20 Does anybody know what the stock shift points are supposed to be for the 700R4? I looked on TGO and people get anywhere from as low as 3500rpms to 6000rpms when it comes to stock WOT shift points. switch) is the erratic locking/unlocking, you know, when the vehicle is at the "shift point". The earlier 700R4 and non electronic 4L60 were controlled by a hydraulic valve body and received throttle input, as stated above, from the TV cable. Mar 28, 2012 · The 700R4 was redesignated as the 4L60 in 1990, which referred to 4-speed, longitudinally positioned, 6,000 lbs GVW, and was a change in designation only with no significant mechanical changes. This enables engine speed to be monitored, which, in combination with throttle position, helps determine when the transmission can shift. DO NOT use the throttle valve cable (downshift cable) to set shift points. 3. The one bad thing about the 700R4 is the big gear drop between the 1-2 shift. I understand that the spring is incorrect and need a heavier one. i do a lot of town driving. Nov 06, 2005 · from Iowa, USA. most 700`s are still machined for the clips, even if they didnt come with them. Pair it with one of our Stall Converters and feel the power. (Up to 600 ft-lbs Torque) Converter: Custom Built & Custom Stalled 10” Custom Built Lock-Up with Billet Cover. Part Throttle Seaching Between Third (3rd) and Fourth (4th) Improves overall performance. Bump Shifts on Coast or 3-2 Downshift. The TV geometry for the 700R4 & 2004R is the same. I gave you the most likely cause in my first post - an improperly adjusted throttle valve cable - one that's adjusted too far. cable still needs to be connected for proper transmission operation, the TCI constant pressure valves provide more freedom when setting part-throttle shift points. Problems with the OEM 700R4. preliminary adjustment will frequently be too "high", and the throttle pressure will have to be reduced, to attain proper shift points. Manually shifts into gears, once in will not upshift but does not slip when in gear. Use of a updated hardened spline sun shell helps prevent. In drive or OD at full throttle it shifts 1-2 at 5500 rpm (perfect) but 2-3 is at 4800 rpm. My 700R4 shifts way too soon. FITS: THM 700R4 81-Up. The Shift Point Package will service governors in the 700R4, 400, 350, 350C, 250 and 250C. Lighter weights should delay the shift point, meaning higher rpm. $4,495. #7. TCI ® TV Cable Corrector Kits make installing the TV cable for a 700R4 OR 2004R transmission simple and easy. Just bought a '89 Chevy S-10 pickup that has a 350 V8 and 700R4 transmission. The shift points are controlled by the valve body in the trans. do yourself a favor and get a govenor cover retainer clip, if you dont already have one. Soft or Bump Shifts . 700R4 Shift problem I'm having the same problem where it won't shift into 4th till about 60. v cable adjusted right well I think any way but whenvi am just trying to go down a my st speed lily being 25 and my jeep shifts into 2nd at about 25mph but not intell the rpms hit 3800 underlight gas and when I jump on it Jun 26, 2012 · The 700R4 uses a control cable that attaches to the carb linkage for shift points and shift pressures. Jul 20, 2011 · 700R4 transmission is a hydraulically controlled transmission. Shifts and shift points. In the 700R4, this is a function of governor pressure versus TV pressure. Modification for better 3-4 clutch pack apply. Edelbrock Part # 8026 GM Transmission adapter is for use with 2004R, 700R4, 4L60 transmissions. The connection for the tv cable is close but not exact for the 700r4. the car also runs 275x35x18 tires. GOVERNOR KIT, 700R4/TH350/TH400 SPRINGS & WEIGHTS (SUPERIOR). In normal driving, just easy acceleration from a stop, not WOT, at what rpm's do your 700r4's shift I'm used to a 350, which shifted at a low rpm. could putting in too much automatic transmission fluid cause a 700R4 tranny to shift too fast. Whether you are looking for the evenly geared 2004R or the aggressive first gear (3. New Soft parts & Kits, Quality Inspected Used & Professionally Rebuilt Hard Parts High-Performance Parts 1-888-8CT-POWR Mon-Fri. Economical Universal Cable Kits are readily available online Terraplanecoupe asks: What is the thickness of the adapter plate ? The transmission in this case will contain pressure switches, a torque converter clutch solenoid, shift control solenoids and a duty cycle controlled pressure control solenoid. You’ll need a TV cable too more than likely and a bracket at the throttle end to control shift points. v cable adjusted right well I think any way but whenvi am just trying to go down a my st speed lily being 25 and my jeep shifts into 2nd at about 25mph but not intell the rpms hit 3800 underlight gas and when I jump on it The 700R4's 3-4 clutch pack is the weakest link in the whole transmission. like will my instrument cluster work, or will i need the donor one? is the TCM programmed to only understand one rear axle ratio? will i need a reflash to get the correct shift points when coming Transgo Sk-350 Shift Kit Th350 Automatic Transmission Th-350 350c Th250 Thm350. You are right to look at the governor too, if you have excess dirt or wear in the tranny (in this case in the gov bore), your gov may not be operating correctly. Welcome to Bowtie Overdrives, home of the worlds finest GM Automatic Overdrive Transmissions. Shift firmness and delay should increase proportionally to the amount of throttle applied. There are 5 or 6 different governors for the 700R4. The governor will work with only 1 spring or 2 springs. Updated Accumulator Pistons Jul 04, 2016 · If it were me and I had the 700R4, I’d definitely spend the $ to convert. Shift points on the 700R4 can vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle. Accelerating anywhere from slightly aggressive to WOT the shift points feel good however mildly accelerating I'm in 4th by 25mph and if the TC locks it boggs the engine down. $39. Need a little advice from our resident tranny folks. The pin location is critical as the TV controls line pressure, shift points, shift firmness, GM 700R4 Performance Transmission Level 4. FITS: 700R4 81-Up FEATURES: Optional Stick Shift; or Gear Command with automatic upshift; Holds 1st, 2nd and 3rd at any RPM. I installed a 700r4 in my 72 Z28. The guy at the tranny shop said that I should shorten the linkage to give the tranny more pressure. Adjusting 700R4 TV cable. If the transmission has a large 18-pin electronic connector above the passenger side pan rail, it’s a 4L60E, as seen here. 1st shifts at 2100 rpm, drops to 1800 in 2nd and shifts in 2nd at 2100 rpm. That is what the “E” stands for. Backshifts to 3rd, 2nd and 1st at any rpm; Competition, Off road And Pro-street; 7-CS High Rev Clutch Spring Kit Included. Use a corvette or aftermarket overdrive servo. I have a 2000 S10 Blazer with a 4L60E. This can be corrected like baaboo did by changing Stud location. Now, test driving mine (700r4) , it seems like it would never shift got up to about 2300, and letting off the gas, it shifted How to pick shift points 700R4. It seems like it shifts from 1st to 2nd to 3rd way too fast. It basically times the shifts. My concern now is that when you put the pedal to the wood, the trans likes to shift low. It is fine if we manually shift it, just curious if there is a better (Easy) fix to raise the shift points to say 2,000 rpm. Jan 30, 2008 · the 4l60-E is the same transmission only updated and shifted electronically is utilizes the tps sensor and vss in conjuction with electric solinoids in the transmission valve body and pcm to determine shift points with throttle response and trans fluid pressure forces the solinoids in or out to make the tranny shift. US Shift controllers feature the smallest size, most useful features, and greatest value of any transmission controller on the market. Ritchie, yours sounds like a 2-3 Shift Valve problem, possibly Shift Valve sticking/binding in Valvebody. Level 1 700R4/4L60 I have the conversion kits here for an additional $145. Installing the TCI constant pressure valve bodies helps you to avoid common transmission destruction by maintaining at least 200 psi of line pressure at all times. When installing your Shift Improver Kit there are several other B&M prod-ucts you may wish to consider: TH700 Kickdown Kit 70237 The TH700 has a hydraulic circuit that causes a forced 4-3 down shift when-ever the throttle is opened past two thirds travel. 6" Lever arm is straight (no bend), all other lengths are the single bend design. in fact, the 4l60e i have my eye on has a 6. They do however have a switch for the lock up converter. The Turbo 700 was introduced in 1982 as a response to fuel economy pressures, and to be phased in as the replacement for the TH350. Aug 02, 2016 · Well my chick's '88 Wrangler with a tbi 305 and 700r4 shifts really quickly. You can raise the shift point by pushing the D-shaped button and moving the cable housing toward the firewall. It wasn’t really a bit hit to the mileage on my beater between being connected or not. A replacement unit can be found at your local transmission shop. The motor and trans are out of something like a 1990 Camaro (so 2. This kit includes new weight pins with E-clip ends for easy adjustment. This includes a filler tube and dipstick, TV cable, and special bracket to make sure your geometry is correct for carbureted or fuel injection applications. If too loose, it will "stack" shift or shift way too soon. If they aren't right it is going to be hard to get the transmission to shift right under all load combinations and you sooner or later you will be fixing the transmission. Just hooked everything up and concerned about shift points. Step 1. Shiftworks® sells shifters, parts, and accessories to adapt your car's shifting mechanism to accept many GM Automatic Transmissions (from Powerglides to 6L80E's). The TV cable also plays a role in the shift timing of the 700R4. 700R4 shift points - Chevy Message Forum - Restoration and Repair Help 700R4 Shift Points. It is imperative that after your new 700R4/2004R transmission has been installed that the Throttle Valve (TV) Cable gets adjusted properly, DAMAGE WILL OCCUR to the transmission, voiding the warranty. Stall: 2800-4000. Model specific subject matter experts, classified ads and more. The transmission governor on a 700R4 is used to regulate the speed at which the transmission shifts into the next higher or lower gear. While many of us would write this off as a burnt transmission, it’s more than likely just a destroyed 3-4 clutch pack. 700r4 should have a governor with springs/weights on it that control the shifting. Jun 26, 2012 · The 700R4 uses a control cable that attaches to the carb linkage for shift points and shift pressures. One from a cop car will give you the latest shifts possible. That sounds about right Peer81, 75% seems to be the magic number. If you have all original linkage that is for a 700R4 and not for a turbo400 then you are OK and your problem lies elsewhere. The new governor is PERFECT! At light throttle it shifts @ 1800-2200rpm, right in the power range. You can’t tell the difference between a 700R4 and a 4L60E by the oil pan as they are nearly the same. It's in a 77 vette with a new TC 2000 stall. This raises the shift points, makes it shift a little harder - and locks out OD. I got a 700R4 for my '88 K1500 for $950 and it's been behaving just fine for about five years being a daily driver and towing a trailer once a week. I have been doing alot of reasearch and reading on the 700R4's since i want to stick one in my 57, the T. I am confident if we needed full throttle acceleration, shift points would pop up to the right higher range. Standard linkage adjustment will need to be done. Nov 15, 2011 · I have the vacuum switch adjusted just to the point it doesn't cycle. Jul 17, 2006 · Like stated above there are no vacuum lines on a 700R4. is there any thing i can do to make it shift around 45 to 52. Mine is a 700R4 in a 1991 Camaro RS with 2. There are a number combinations that can enhance your 700R4's performance. 99. It is somewhat adjustable with the TV cable setting. 2to3 and 3to4, also is fourth gear my OD or should I feel another shift when goes in overdrive. But I also noticed the shift points now come later (at higher rpm) then they used  The TV cable on the 700R4 and 200-4R transmissions controls line pressure, shift points, shift feel, part throttle downshifts, and detent (full throttle) downshifts. The 700R4 version is perfect for carbureted engines, the 4L60 is ideal for those who want electronic control of shift points and firmness Newest [ January 19, 2020 ] Insane Lincoln V-12 Lucite Steering Wheel Transformation Builds and Examples Thread: 700R4 Shifting question. 12 point installation positioning, shifter rotation for precise comfort. Have even unhooked the TV cable & 1 to 2 shift is about 18, 2 to 3 at 30 but won't shift to 4th until 50. cable also controls the line pressure, and if the line pressure isnt correct, it will burn down the tranny, and a soft shift means there isnt enough line pressure. Some transmissions with a band such as the Chrysler Torqueflite transmissions use the band servo as an accumulator for the next shift, (2-3 in Torqueflites) Point to know: the slower the accumulator piston strokes or bottoms is the firmer the shift will be and the faster it strokes the softer shift will be. The throttle valve is a component attached to the valve body. or is there a recommendation on where the shift should be. you wont want to glue the cover while you are dialing in your shift points. While the T. from stop, going WOT, the 1st to 2nd shift shifts around 42-4500 rpm, but the 2nd-3rd shift only shifts in the neighborhood of 3200rpm. Comes with complete, easy to follow instructions. Adjusting the TV cable on the 700R4 correctly is extremely important for proper operation and survivability of the transmission. When in drive the 1 - 2 shifts are stacking on top of each other. 9:00 to 5:30 PST California Closed Sat/Sun/Holidays Dec 11, 2019 · One of the main causes of stock 700R4 failures can be attributed to the Throttle Valve cable (TV) cable. The modulator comes preset from the factory, but can be adjusted to alter shift . Sep 10, 2013 · This Level 2 transmission comes with an Mad Dog Reprogramming update kit, Mad Dog shift kit, and Raybestos 9 clutches (replaces factory 5 clutches in the 3-4 drum) the 9 clutch pack also has specialized heat treated steels that withstand much more heat, all Raybestos high temp high energy clutches through out the rest of the unit, all new TransGo Jr Shift Correction Kit. I worked on the car today to try to remedy a problem that I've had since rebuild. This kit gives you all the necessary hardware to make the modifications and adjustments to the transmission governor. As VileZ. Oct 03, 2009 · my shift points from my 700r4 are at 15, 30 and then at 60 mph. (want to get these correct before I go any futher. They were both longitudinal transmissions with four forward gears and a reverse gear. The Re: Adjusting shift points 700r4 Just to make sure i know what i'm talking about here, the truck starts out in 1st, shifts to second at 5 or so MPH, then shifts to 3rd at roughly 20 MPH. Find Automatic Transmissions with 700R4 Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Forward Shift Pattern, Automatic Valve Body Sep 18, 2019 · US Shift products are equally well suited to the finest street rods, 8-second drag cars, off-road vehicles, high-powered diesels, motor-homes, and specialty applications. But I'll show doing it this way. Obtain a cable that is designed for use with the 700R4/4L60/2004R transmission. 75 rear gears. Dec 11, 2019 · A properly shifting 700R4 should shift from First to Second gear between 15 and 20mph, from Second to Third at 25 to 30mph, and from Third into Fourth at roughly 40 to 45mph. History. It depends on gear ratio, throttle position, weight of the vehicle, and Throttle valve (in the valve body) position. Holds 1st OK, doesn't stay in 2nd long enough and shifts into 3rd at 30-35mph, and them immediately into OD around 35-40. Re: BANGshift 700R4 rebuild tech part 1 BANGshift 700R4 rebuild tech Part 2, reassemble The last thing I'm going to do before I wash the case is remove the internal linkage nut and clip so I can remove the linkage and pry the manual shaft seal out. 700R4/2004R TV Cable Adjustment Instructions WARNING! IMPORTANT NOTICE! POST INSTALLATION ADJUSTMENT. normal driving around, part throttle the trans shifts in the mid 2000s, which seems normal. In drive at wide open throttle it shifts from 1st to second gear at 5000 rpm, it will not shift into 3rd gear until the rpm hits the rev limiter at 6500 rpm for a half a second or take my foot out of it a little. If the cable is too tight, you will have delayed shifts. The governor is one of the players in the equation. Early 700R4 - 4L60 pump covers (stator support) have an extra bleed hole in the 3-4 clutch circuit that can be plugged off. At aggressive part throttle, shift points raise a few hundred rpm (2600-2800rpm), again right in the power range. It was done by Accurate. Feb 19, 2013 · What you can do with shift points is make sure that the transmission shifts to the next gear so that the engine is starting out in the next gear at about 300 to 500 RPM before maximum torque. You have waited long enough and paid through the nose for fuel. This is a great transmission. 3L stroker motor, with a stock evo 9 turbo, and a short ratio 5 speed (JDM 5th gear). When high vacuum is produced due to light engine load, the vacuum moves the modulator, which in turn shifts the throttle valve, allowing the transmission to shift earlier. 1970 monte carlo. That is a guaranteed way to fry a new transmission. This kit relocates the pin position on an Edelbrock carburetor when hooking up to a throttle valve style transmission (700R4, 2004R, 4L60). If just driving on a side street the trans shifts into 3 gear at 35 mph but will shift back to 2nd then have to get the rpm back up to about 3700 and then it accelerates then will finally shift to third and stay in 3rd if I stay on the gas. I believe Summit and Jeggs sell them. If your Monster Transmission 700R4/2004R is replacing an original 700R4/2004R then skip to Step 2. thank you OT: 700r4 shifting late and hard. The TV cable varies line pressure based on throttle position. The transmission shifts at relatively high engine speeds during normal driving. Right now they are 15mph, 25 mph at moderate accel. I was hoping that you 700r4 low speed shift points - Hot Rod Forum : Hotrodders Bulletin Board Jul 20, 2011 · 700R4 transmission is a hydraulically controlled transmission. The Shift Point Package will service governors in the 700-R4, 400, 350, 350C, 250 and 250C The final fault with the 700R4 is a non-functioning overdrive gear. FEATURES: Optional Stick Shift; or Gear Command with automatic upshifts; Holds 1st, 2nd and 3rd at any rpm. It is critical that special attention be used during the adjustment of  14 Jul 2015 This controls shift points and is essential to proper operation. It is now considered to be one of the finest overdrive automatic transmissions ever produced. It is especially crucial to ensure that the TV cable is adjusted correctly when installing a GM 700R4 transmission in a non-stock application featuring either an Edelbrock or a Holley carburetor. to me i think 60 is to high because it is starting to scream at 53 on up before it does shift into overdrive. In the 700R4, this is a  The 700R4 also uses a TV cable (or Throttle Valve) to control the shift points and line pressure. My unit has just been rebuilt. Not only will an Overdrive Transmission improve your performance, but it will reduce your fuel consumption by up to 33%. Chevy Forums FREE technical assistance for your restoration and repair. The angle of the lever the TV cable is on relative to the throttle position is critical. Transmission Shift Point Adjustment Kit TH-350, TH-400, and 700R4 Thank you for selecting TCI’s TH-350, TH-400 and 700R4 Shift Point Adjustment Kit. What a TV Cable does is to serve as a primitive throttle position sensor enabling either transmission to maintain the best RPM (revolutions per minute) possible for fuel economy and peak performance. When using a lockup converter The cable detects gas pedal position by connecting to the gas pedal at one end and the transmission throttle valve at the other. The 4L60E uses computer control to shift. 700r4 non electronic, aftermarket tv cable w/edlebrock carb. i am just curious about what sensors and wiring is necessary. If so, all of the shifts should be up by 4500rpm. why did you say that? the 4l60e is just a 700r4 with electronic control. Feb 20, 2006 · old threads really dont answer my questions. Brushed hi-tech aluminum knob. I do not recommend running without the cable, as this will eventually cause damage. When It goes into 4th locked up it can lug the motor notably. Most rebuilt 700R4’s will use very heavy weights and light springs on the governor that will signal the transmission to up-shift at very low engine speeds. It shifts from 1st to 2nd around 12 - 15 MPH and from 2nd to 3rd around 22 - 25 MPH. stated, upon quick acceleration, the switch unlocks the converter. I have a ZZ430 (clone) and 3. Oct 26, 2013 · 700r4 chevy transmission will not shift out of 2nd gear very common problem with these to burn 3rd gear out Jun 02, 2011 | Chevrolet 1500 Cars & Trucks Erratic Shift Points . 700r4 shift points