we have bad traffic in Mike - Does your 970 have the 2-stage clutch? On the 2-stage clutch, if you press the clutch pedal down halfway, it is supposed to disengage the main drive clutch but leave the PTO clutch engaged. Clutch pedal sticks halfway Ive got 02 wrx pedals in my impreza and this problem isnt exactly new. is this normal? This is my main question lool. The clutch appears to be properly engaged but i am not sure and dont want to damage anything. Then a few weeks ago, while maneuvering a heavy chipper around in 4-Lo, I noticed the clutch pedal would sometimes start to stick halfway on the return stroke when engaging the clutch. I have a husband (and car) problem. The Main reservoir is still full, though. Could the slave cylinder possibly cause the pedal to stick even though it works fine ? Even when the pedal is stuck halfway the slave cylinder is where it is supposed to be. This has been happening from cold starts. Hi,the clutch pedal on my Golf gets stuck on the way up about halfway,then it either pops back the rest of way on its own,or I help it up with my foot. I found that the hydraulic line came out before the bleeder. It got to the point of any wide open throttle it would instantly stick. i'm not saying this was the same in your case as it obviously wasn't. my clutch pedal made a loud crack noise,the clutch was slipping. Apr 13, 2013 · was about 8months into owning the car, had to brake hard which translated into pressing the clutch much harder than normal, which resulted in the clutch pedal jamming down on the carpet. it pushes up the clutch pedal when the pedal is above the halfway point and it pushes the clutch pedal down when its below the halfway point. 'Sticky' Clutch Pedal - posted in 370Z General Discussion: Hi, Since a long drive yesterday evening the clutch pedal seems to stick and I have to put my foot under it to pull it up. Read this similar thread as there is more/better info in there. put line back on go down to slave cylinder it wil be on the driver side of trans. I thought the clutch was junk so I ordered a 06 z06 clutch kit. after bleeding the lines my pedal will push down half way and stop. Replaced the slave cylinder. I depressed and released the clutch pedal, Only to realize that the clutch pedal got stuck half way up. . I have recently had the clutch pedal sticking on return about halfway out. The first time I encountered it was back in 98 with a brand new Mk III VR6 GTI . Jamie Oct 15, 2012 · clutch pedal stuck 10-15-2012, 12:34 PM So I went to start my Z that has been hard parked on a medium inclined hill for about 6 months the other day, and when I went to depress the clutch pedal it went straight to the floor without coming back up. Found clutch pedal to get stuck half way up at times. I can lift it with my foot but sometimes when the pedal comes about halfway back it travels to the floor again by itself. If you can't check this, experiment with blocks of varying thickness. If you suspect that there might be a problem with your clutch there is an easy way to determine whether that’s where the issue is. Sometimes as soon as I stated letting off the pedal, sometimes halfway through releasing the pedal. Just wondered if anyone has had a similar issue and cured it before i take it apart Thanks in advance. Got in on Monday afternoon and the clutch pedal seems to be sticking, around about the half way point. She has the above car on a 2005 plate I believe. I've had problems with the clutch pedal sticking in both my 1999 Forester, and my 2000 Forester, I solved the issue by using a spray lube (3M 08878), I just lubed the clutch pedal pivot points up really well, The issue popped up every so often, but lubing it caused it to go away again. this weekend i was driving to a friends house for the superbowl when the clutch pedal got stuck about halfway down. I was driving and the clutch pedal stuck to the floor. Clutch pedal gets stuck halfway while driving - posted in Diesel Faults: Just noticed an issue with the clutch pedal,while driving and pressing the clutch at times the pedal stays down,i wouldnt say all the way down but just before the biting point which i have to pull back up with my foot to get it back to its normal place,clutch is fine,doesnt affect the drive either,Has anyone else come VW Golf TDI 2004 - VW Golf TDI MK5-Clutch pedal sticking halfway up. It still sticks half way and there is little pressure on the pedal. It does seem to be slightly better, however the problem is still there. Master and slave cylinder already replaced on last visit. I cant see any evidence of fluid loss and I worry that it may be the clutch itself (in that the piston has pushed too f Nov 07, 2009 · Luckily Holden have at last found the fix for the sticking pedal which includes a new pedal box assembly. i dont think theres a leak at the master cylinder because its not getting stuck and i can still get in gear no problem. Clutch adjustment The pedal should come all the way up because of the force of the pressure plate fingers forcing the pedal back up - if it is getting stuck it generally means you need to tighten the clutch adjustment. 0 HDi Exclusive, 52 Plate. When I shift into reverse or 1st gear, the clutch pedal stays down to the floor. Rev limiter kicks in as drive is lost. Leaking hose or fitting. Q: My clutch pedal sticks halfway in traffic or when it is really hot outside. the line wasnt broken and the clip and oil seal There is a rod, which goes from the clutch pedal tube and pushes against the back of the master cylinder. Im not to sure but the bite of the clutch seems to happen quite early, plus the pedal travel seems really short. If you feel looseness and little or no resistance when you engage the clutch, you will need to tighten the pedal immediately. Since the issue seems to be temperature sensitive, or prevalent during times of heavy use like traffic, it might be Apr 26, 2016 · How to fix a sticking clutch in your car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. Any idea what might vauxhall insignia clutch pedal sticking, signum sticky clutch, vectra clutch sticking, clutch pedal sticking halfway on vauxhall vectra, vectra clutch pedal stuck down, vauxhall corsa 2000 sticky clutch, insignia sticky clutch pedal, insignia clutch pedal sticking, vauxhall zafira clutch pedal sticking Jun 05, 2013 · The pedal is sticking halfway up on the return and it doesn't seem to turn much when I engage the pedal. This is the first time I ever recall this happening. Now, the pedal is on the floor, no pressure. Still sticks to the floor. Last year towards the end of the summer this started happening and never came back all winter now that its hot again its happening again. got in the van this morning and clutch pedal was halfway to the floor, checked if i could change gear seemed fine, so drove to work, after about 25 miles pedal came back up, spoke to a friend he sad it might be dual mass flywheel, firstly i didn't think these had DMF's, secondly could this be one of the clutch cylinders, anyone else had this Check your slave cylinder components to see that your dowel or bolt ( connecting to the clutch fork )holding in the adjustable slave trunnion , this can cause it to be misaligned or crooked on the slave (if the bolt or dowel has come loose or hanging halfway out) and cause your symptoms. replaced the master cylinder, slave cylinder and clutch I replaced the master and slave twice in case of defects and an authority shop replaced the entire clutch. We had it bled in late June, and afterwards it was good for a week or so (we thought it felt better), then it started sticking halfway down (the pedal wouldn’t come back up like it should). Sincerely, Rockster. However my clutch pedal  B5 Models - Clutch Pedal Sticking Halfway - Fluid is still full - Was leaving work yesterday pulling out of my parking space. it drives fine until I give it a bit and go into the higher rev range that when taking foot off the clutch it does release most of the way but hangs up/sticks halfway, still driving and hopefully not slipping it, I have to put my foot under and just tap it and pops up, just on that last little bit as it springs out Check your slave cylinder components to see that your dowel or bolt ( connecting to the clutch fork )holding in the adjustable slave trunnion , this can cause it to be misaligned or crooked on the slave (if the bolt or dowel has come loose or hanging halfway out) and cause your symptoms. the clutch pedal has always Apr 01, 2019 · If you have a hydraulic system, the clutch pedal is returned to its normal position by the spring back effect of the pressure plate spring arms, plus the return spring on the clutch release fork. Jan 06, 2015 · Went on holiday with the car for a week about 6 weeks ago. Nov 25, 2014 · Clutch very occasionally sticking halfway down off and the clutch was stuck halfway down. I've got a '99 3. I bled the clutch, and it fixed that part, but I am still concerned that the clutch isn't completely disengaging. I depressed and released the clutch pedal, Only to realize that the clutch pedal got stuck  16 Jun 2016 My first question is, have you had the clutch replaced? cylinder, as well as some fluid dripping under the car when you pump the pedal. checked this morning pool of clutch fluid under car. open bleeder valve pour brake flood in master cylinder let it sit for a while so that it will bleed it Apr 13, 2013 · I bought my car and had it two months before I first experienced it. the line wasnt broken and the clip and oil seal Sep 16, 2007 · Hi all, i have a 92 240sx s13 hicas - ka24det, ive been trying to figure out what is wrong with my clutch pedal, it wont come backup all the way after shifting into any gear, no recent work or repairs performed in the clutch/tranny area yet, i think the system might need to be blead, bad slave cylinder, clutch pedal adjustment or maybe even just a bum spring in the clutch pedal assemby, any May 11, 2015 · Porsche 997: How to Not Ruin Your Clutch. Found no visible problems with clutch assembly. My pedal stuck down and I couldn't get it back up with my foot, think I had work boots on so couldn't get toe under it. Happened a. Nov 23, 2015 · No pedal sticking or juddering. The clutch slave seemed to be leaking so I replaced both the slave and master. So, in summary, after I bleed the clutch, everything is fine. Both springs for the linkage seem to be ok. I had a clutch job, master and slave cylinder replaced, clutch system drained/fluid replaced (2x), all to no effect. do you know how old the clutch and the release shaft bushes are? I was driving normally (no problems, everything going smoothly; never had felt any problems with the clutch, was catching on well etc. the only difference from the old adjust cable is the new one doesnt have a support brace about halfway in the middle that bolts to the inner fenderwell. it'll get stuck real quick halfway up and then come up. Hey all, well we have owned this 2014 gt since new and its been a fairly reliable car. It is possible to raise it back up by placing your foot beneath the pedal. Today the clutch pedal is super stiff all the way through the stroke. I have the same problem. Clutch pedal is sticking halfway up. the wierd thing i noticed before i intalled it was my old clutch disc had like a race on the end where the cv joints mount into and the new clutch had just a flat side. The pedal is "sticky" in 3rd and 4th in that it will stick halfway up and then come all the way up. Re: 3020 Clutch pedal sticking Shaft #8 is probably sticking in the clutch housing. You could damage the  Hi everyone. If your hydraulic system isn't leaking and is bled up correctly, then I would be leaning to the linkages in the cabin. When its stuck like that it won't fix itself, but an easy lift with a hand or foot will return it to the normal resting height. can then continue to drive car but clutch is effectively part stuck on - slips like made. any one any idea how difficult to change. So. The spring itself isn't strong enough to hold the clutch pedal halfway down. Clutch, gearbox, differentials, driveshafts, rear diff mount and experiences I have an 01 and my clutch pedal was sticking to the floor. After pressingthe pedal a coupke of times I got it to return to the top of it's travle but it was still dragging with the pedal down. Mar 18, 2015 · The clutch is a part of the car which is subjected to friction on a near constant basis which means that there are many ways in which it can wear out or become damaged. I will have to try get this done on warranty. put new one master cylinder on. 040". With the car at idle, clutch fully in, I can shift into any gear, but there is a little hesitation in reverse. When I got into the car after a couple of years of non usage, the clutch could be pushed to the floor, and engage properly, but after a while, the pushing just shortened, now I can pull the clutch pedal towards me (back to it's original posistion) without any hassle, where as in the beginning, it would just go back to normal without me having to do it. Reference # MR-504193 and was instructed to check crankshaft endplay. I did however notice that as I get to bite point in first the gear stick has a very minimal throne back but pretty sure that is normal. Took the pedal assembly out, installed a new clutch pedal, clutch hook, and clutch cable, greased the crap out of it. Now when we went to bleed the clutch, the pedal stops about halfway down and only hit the floor when the bleeder was opened. I have checked the brake fluid chamber and it's on full (assuming this shares it with the clutch). Adjusted the free play and the car drives and goes into gear!! We used to stop the clutch sticking in the old days by blocking the pedal to stop the clutch from going in any farther than it needed to shift. There are two ways to free up a sticking clutch. but it happened in the exact same situation which is why i quoted you. Other than the The Race has now covered 36K miles and the clutch pedal is now sticking halfway after actuating. You can remove the spring completely, or replace it with a Steeda spring. no matter how hard you push it, its stuck. I turned around, took the car back and told them, it did it again. The mechanic got in the car, I took him for a ride, same thing happened again, clutch pedal about halfway to the floor. Jan 08, 2009 · The clutch isn't slipping and was catching most of the way as usual. No trouble in changing gear and it soon sorted itself out. I am cautious to use the term "stuck", because although the pedal is stuck in half way position, I didn't feel any notches. clutch pedal stuck on the floor 1 Answer. The clutch pedal on my 2009 WRX makes a loud creaking noise every time it's depressed. 6TDCI Titanium. However the pedal felt like it was 'sticking' when I pressed it and was delayed in returning immediately to the upright position. hey guys there are two springs for the clutch. You can take the entire spring and perch completely off and the car will drive perfectly fine. Thread: Clutch sticking??? fiesta st clutch stuck half way. After repeated clutch bleeding by the dealership, I finally resigned myself to just reaching down and re-setting the pedal when needed. If you are really really lucky, it could be a simple adjustment. So basically you put the pedal to the floor and the truck doesnt start to move till the pedal is about half way up. alright im going to try to explain it. i can be at a The problem I have is the clutch pedal sticks on warm days (75+) when it is being released. Clutch pedal sticks to the floor with no pressure. The replacement unit is made of, wait for it, METAL. When the clutch pedal is depressed, a rod on the pedal pushes on the clutch master cylinder creating hydraulic pressure in the line to the slave cylinder on Jul 22, 2011 · My neighbor has a ford ranger, mid to late 90s, 4cyl, manual transmission, that is acting up. If the springs have broken, or are not properly located, they can cause the pedal to jam. Removed transmission and inspected clutch. 1 2015 140 is sticking to the floor but can be popped back up with my hand. Nissan 350Z owners have reported 29 problems related to clutch pedal/linkage (under the power train category). The clutch pedal will not move at all. I went out, launched the car, hit 3rd gear and the clutch pedal again stuck halfway to the floor. I have seen this problem before. Could this just be an adjustment problem or something more serious? I had the tranny off and replace the clutch disc during my project. A clutch master cylinder is a part of many cars with a manual transmission. But you wouldn't have this small amount of free play before you start engaging the clutch so then there would be a constant slight pressure on the slave cylinder which I've 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe 2. This lasted for 1 day. Today Sep 07, 2017 · After the clutch was installed the clutch would hit the floor and stay there. It required a slight touch with my foot under the pedal, then the pedal sprang back to its normal position. The solution is the end casing needs replacing, minute cracks that cannot be seen by the naked eye appear on the inside of the casing, when the clutch is pressed these cracks expand and will not allow the clutch pedal to be depressed. Aug 26, 2008 · Clutch Pedal Sticks Half-way? Ok, on my car the clutch pedal is sticking about halfway up. I am therefore hoping that the posted clevis pin sticking is the cause. During colder weather there is no sticking. i cant ease off the pedal in 1st cuz it starts sticking so i have to take off fairly hard to prevent this. Ok i have a weird issue,the clutch pedal has a sticky bit in the middle of travel the clutch works fine,it feels like there's a bush that might need replacing in the pedal or that the spring is sticking. The clutch in a vehicle with a manual transmission is the mechanism that allows you to switch from one gear to another. I'm thinking the clutch has a piece broken on it and is causing the clutch to be stuck engaged. what can i check before forking out cash for new cylinders only to find out its somthing simple like an air lock, some one suggested a collapsed hose? Jun 12, 2013 · i just pulled my tranny the other day and had a exedy clutch installed. lately my clutch will hesitate for a short second if im holding it down. So I told the mechanic that I would be back shortly. Clutch pedal only rising back up half way and she's having to flick it back up with her foot. It started with a high speed pull and then kept getting worse. How to replace clutch master Oct 31, 2007 · When this hangup problem occurs, it's as if the clutch gets hung up before it has been depressed enough for the car to go into gear. As you mentioned it was not returning fully but about halfway. Simon On my 1980 K20, the clutch pedal will not come all the way back up after shifts. Feb 12, 2008 · sticking clutch pedal - posted in General Chat: Anyone had this problem? I have been told that it is common on mk4s and it is the cylinder behind the clutch pedal. The dealer did that for me under warranty, however the hot spots on the flywheel and pressure plate, as well as the nearly-to-rivvets clutch plate caused them to knock back the clutch replacement. (btw, this will only happen sometimes and normally only right after starting the car cold. once i get it in gear, pedal starts working fine. the other spring is below the clutch pedal. Okay, so I bought my ph2 3. Any ideas? Thanks! Lance. Mine has stuck twice: once when the engine was sitting for a prolonged period on my garage floor with the clutch bolted on, and the other was just after having the flywheel machined (the virginal steel is *very* susceptible to rust then). May 01, 2017 · i have a 2010 freightliner cascadia. While driving, the . Once and a while, my clutch pedal seems to get stuck in a low position (like halfway), and won't fully disengage the clutch. Usually on a diaphragm type clutch this was with the disc to plate air gap of . Hope if they replace anything they replace the clutch as well because after that incident I dont think its going to last very long. If you New Ford Focus 1. May 13, 2005 · just installed a new clutch and adjustable clutch cable 2 weeks ago and now the clutch pedal feels real sticky. 116,000mi Truck was shifting great aside from some pedal squeaks (need to do the bushing replacement or workaround) up until Tuesday. disconnect the brake line. The clutch also felt 'semi-engaged' when it was in gear even when the pedal was in the fully upright position. I felt like the pedal was to the floor but was still engaged and burning the clutch up. Spray some penetrating oil on both ends and work to pedal up and down while lubing. Mar 15, 2010 · I have a 1. 8 Dec 2016 Vehicles that are equipped with a clutch and manual transmission require more attention than a vehicle that has an automatic transmission. Then worsens and have to lift it up with my foot. This only happens in reverse and first. Clutch pedal feels soft (just moving under return spring pressure). When I investigated the noise, I noticed that the entire clutch pedal bracket assembly (attached to the forward firewall) shifts approx 1/4 inch every time the clutch pedal is depressed. Play nice with your clutch, and it can provide years of trouble-free use. Jan 10, 2016 · After having had the clutch disc and plate replaced, the clutch pedal gets stuck halfway up and i have to bring it back up with my foot. Feb 22, 2007 · During warmer weather, it works fine, although sometimes the clutch pedal will get stuck halfway out then pop back into place. got home sat pumping clutch pedal. It drives fine but it is annoying that the pedal is sticking. (I was on a long drive) I made it home and started the bleed process (never done it before) after getting some advice from my brother. Have a 06 Tacoma in the garage. It provides the hydraulics for the clutch. I have a 05 vw jetta gli 1. the last trackday in one of the sessions i had the problem with the clutch sticking halfway up on the return, i had Sep 12, 2008 · The sticking clutch pedal has been an issue that has plagued Golf's for years and actually transcends model variants. It has been “fixed at the dealership several times and it always ends the same way clutch on the floor. I'm not sure what might be causing this. like sticking on release of the pedal. How to repair clutch problems by replacing the clutch master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Pressing the pedal all the way down should then disengage the PTO clutch. I have an 01 and my clutch pedal was sticking to the floor. My clutch pedal is getting stuck halfway on the way up from changing gear? The 2013 Dodge Dart has 6 problems reported for clutch sticking. I had changed and fitted a new clutch, the pedal was rock hard and wouldn't move. man 6 speed. Verified. its done it the whole time ive owned her. Came out other side and it felt like pedal was only engaging halfway down ie first half of push had little resistance if any (just return spring). that was 3 years ago the clutch pedal stuck on the floor 1 Answer. I'm posting here because the big 'clutch' thread over on the ST forum is polluted with tons of slave issues, leaks etc, however this thread seems so far to be dozens of 'stuck down pedal' only issues. noticed on about 3 or 4 occasions that the clutch pedal felt strange. Nov 24, 2010 · clutch pedal sticks halfway up from the floor, occurs intermittently has been fixed twice, thought to be related to either a master or slave cylinder issue to me, the clutch seems to engage at different levels of pedal depression - causing inconsistent driving and pretty jerky driving as well (i've had this confirmed by a friend, so it's not May 30, 2018 · Clutch Failure Symptom 4: Clutch Pedal Remains Stuck to the Floor. 0d se. It does seem to do it more when the engine is running and maybe more if its in gear with the clutch in but it might just be me. The problem was nothing to do with the master or slave cylinders. I posted in one of the bigger threads the other day. then bang straight down to the floor called RAC said master cylinder kaput. The longer I held down the clutch, say at a stop light, the longer it took to snap back. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Nissan 350Z based on all problems reported for the 350Z. Dont know much about the system, but assume the problem is with the Master or Slave cylinder. Went through car wash after a long hot day's driving. Everything seemed fine when it went in until pushing the pedal that is. Mar 06, 2012 · 1995 Ford F150 Clutch issues - The clutch was getting stuck about halfway down, so I filled the reservoir. Check the clutch spring on the top of the pedal. any advice would be great. Dart the clutch was halfway to the floor. The mechanic was stumped, as he couldn't replicate the problem (warmer weather, no problem). I took out the clutch slave spring in the new one as well. I have a 2007 s40 2. Hi guys. Sep 16, 2011 · The symptoms are the pedal gets loose the first couple inches when pushing it down, and then eventually sticks, first halfway, then it hits the floor. Clutch pedal last night was super soft halfway threw stroke and was kind of stuck in gear. My 2012 was sticking. Normally posting in the mk2 and mk3 forums but in here on behalf of my sister. on the fire wall will be your clutch master cylinder there will be rod that runs through to the clutch unhook it. Check out the pictures of the springs in the linked thread. It was the first sunny, hot day we've had in awhile, and the clutch pedal started sticking about halfway up in its travel. I have been driving my vehicle on terrible commutes lately. CLUTCH-04 CLUTCH-02. he thinks it needs a new clutch, but for some reason, i do not feel that it is the problem. when i got home on close inspection i found the spring had broken and half of it was on the floor,I managed to remove the other half which put clutch right. if its the master cylinder primary seal then one way of checking it is to apply the clutch pedal fully stick it in first and with the engine running see if the car wants to drive off after a few Apr 19, 2014 · First indication is a loud thump as the pedal has stuck when I have taken my foot off and then suddenly unsticks. The pedal has always felt like it didn't do anything until halfway down. 6 TDCI Estate - Clutch Pedal Problems. The 2013 Dodge Dart has 6 problems reported for clutch sticking. I noticed that the little rod didn't hit the pocket in the master cylinder until the pedal was halfway down. Was able to disengage clutch enough to shift and drive (ie it didn't fall to the floor). Basically the travel in my pedal is twice as long as the travel in the clutch (give or take). If I am driving when this happens, I pull in, pump the clutch pedal a few times and pressure usually comes back temporarily. Prior to that, I was hearing a springy creaky sound from what seems to be outside the car when I pressed the clutch pedal. Hi all, I have an 11 plate new model Ford Focus Estate 1. My pedal got stuck the other day in traffic. I took a turn and noticed that my clutch pedal was stuck to the floor. it wasn't so stuck that it wouldn't moveit was just stuck down half way that i had to stick my foot under it and pull it upthen i cycled it by pushing down leting go and so onwhat should i do or check about this stuck clutch pedal problem?by the way i have a 2007 : Help please last few miles on way home from work clutch pedal seemed to be sticking halfway down . a similar issue where you need to pull the clutch pedal back up Clutch pedal is sticking halfway up. Sep 12, 2008 · The sticking clutch pedal has been an issue that has plagued Golf's for years and actually transcends model variants. Clutch Pedal Sticking This just happened to me as well I have a 2015 Dart with the clutch stuck to the floor and does not come up. For example: I push it down, and release it, it gets stuck in the middle, then pops up. Apr 05, 2018 · Randomly, coming off the motorway tonight, I felt the clutch was a little weird but I couldn't work out what \ how. 30 Jun 2010 It seems that the clutch still engages, but strangely if the pedal gets stuck (usually gets stuck halfway down - just after engaging), the pedal will  15 Jan 2019 Just today I noticed the clutch pedal sticking down after I released it. it wasn't so stuck that it wouldn't moveit was just stuck down half way that i had to stick my foot under it and pull it upthen i cycled it by pushing down leting go and so onwhat should i do or check about this stuck clutch pedal problem?by the way i have a 2007 Jan 22, 2013 · Clutch Helper-Spring / Sticking Pedal UPDATE. There is a small amount of fluid that has dripped from some where and has dripped from the lowest point of the engine which is towards the passenger’s side. I have just replaced the clutch and pressure plate. The clutch on my 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback LE has felt “soft” off and on for a few months. It shares the break fluid reservoir and brakes have good pressure which tells me master cylinder is good and the reservoir is just under full so there are no leaks. For the last few days the clutch pedal on the wife's DS4 2012 model has been sticking down or half way, pull it up with your foot and it was fine for the next 3-4 applications. Shifted from 1st to 2nd smoothly but  10 Jan 2012 C5 Tech - Clutch Pedal Sticking Under Hard Acceleration - Recent Z06 letting the clutch out and the pedal will stick about half way up then 8 Dec 2016 Warning: Do not attempt to start the engine and drive the vehicle with the clutch pedal stuck all the way to the floor. 035"-. It happened when I had to break quite hard, which also translates to pressing clutch harder than normal. Average failure mileage is 31,550 miles. It also felt like the clutch would engauge at different points each time. This was a common issue with the S197 cars that the spring would hold the clutch to the floor, but can be pulled back up manually. ) and all of a sudden, with no warning sign or anything (no shock, no bang, nothing), the clutch pedal doesn't go far enough anymore to engage the gears in a normal way. I used to use a 1"X2". the pressure is so tight that u cant press it down anymore. Figured I post on here for some expert advice. Customer states clutch sticking. This is day 3 at the dealer. 7 liter 5 Speed Manual 73000 About 1 week ago the clutch pedal started sticking about halfway down. I was still driving and it still worked One check you can perform on the master cylinder is to depress the clutch pedal while someone watches the brake fluid reservoir level. Last week, it was getting stuck halfway up, and the pedal wouldn't come completely up without an extra nudge. Clutch catches VERY high, is this bad? with each other would the clutch plate not be engaged with the clutch pedal all the way out. Got my 05 6mt coupe about a year ago, and started experiencing the sticky clutch pedal a couple months into ownership. I had this problem with my clutch pedal, the pedal went down then stuck half way up and I could no longer get the clutch to disengage. SWMBOs Clutch pedal dropped to the floor today and doesnt come back up un-assisted. i have a problem that does not occur all the time when i press down on clutch pedal to go in to gear , SOMETIMES the pedal hangs up halfway and i can feel a little vibration on my foot, as if something is grinding on it, when this is happening i also have a hard time getting in gear. Every so often the clutch pedal will stick half way the most common time it does it is when I come off of  19 Aug 2011 1987 - 1996 F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks - Clutch Pedal Sticking? - My clutch pedal is sticking at about halfway, but the clutch itself is fine. Other items that may or may not be related. 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe 2. At no time to date have I had a problem with the clutch not engaging/slipping. 8t 6spd. which has been 6 years and she had about 52K then. New Member Forum - Clutch Pedal Sticking Half Way - Just replaced master & slave cylinder then bled the system. Mar 03, 2019 · If it is a hydraulic clutch, the reason the pedal gets harder over the years has to do with the WEAR of the clutch disc, and the work hardening and change in angle of the diaphragm(the clutch spring); this, coupled with wear in the pivot points of Clutch pedal last night was super soft halfway threw stroke and was kind of stuck in gear. Shortly after that, the pedal would reach that halfway point as it came back up, then start to pull back down to the floor on its own, but the clutch would stay Feb 23, 2016 · I have an intermittent problem with my clutch pedal, as some times it sticks when letting my foot off the pedal after changing gears. 0 V6 GTV in August, and in the first couple of weeks I had problems with the clutch pedal sticking halfway on the way back up and you would have to jab the pedal a couple of times for it to return to the top. Today Aug 12, 2010 · the pedal should spring back up due to presure from clutch plate (via hydraulic system) if it has a lot of slop untill sokme resistance it usually means air in the hydraulic system (external stuff) , if its not that im sure i heard of release bearing (part of the internal stuff) sticking. the clutch pedal has always there is however an assisting spring on the pedal that can cause issues, IIRC there was a note on the dealer service data to remove this on the 306 if it was causing issues with the pedal sticking halfway, which would be your first symptom youve had since having the car. YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO REMOVE THE FORK FROM THE PEDAL OR REMOVE THE PIN! You can loosen How to Troubleshoot a Clutch Pedal Sticking to the Floor Clutch pedals in manual cars stay on the floor if there's a failed clutch release bearing, slave cylinder, clutch master cylinder, or clutch linkage. If the level rises while the clutch pedal is being depressed, The clutch master cylinder is bad and should be rebuilt or replaced. Jun 27, 2015 · So this is what happens: Sometimes when I'm driving I try to press the clutch and there is no pressure in the pedal ,it feels like Im only actually pressing on something when my feet is already halfway (or more) through the pedal travel, when this happens I have to release my foot from the pedal and then press it again, this solves it every time. Driving around seems fine, and I think it loosened up just a little bit after 15 minutes, but was still sticky afterwards. 3 Jul 2007 When driven aggressively, GM cars with manual transmissions have the problem of the clutch pedal sticking to the floor or other symptoms as a  4 May 2016 The clutch pedal on my 92L is getting so it has to be pumped to I don't think a bad slave could cause your pedal to get stuck at the floor. 9dci. needed sought of extra pressure . Drove it home on Sunday night and all was fine. I'm taking the transmission out now to see what the hell is going on. One time I raised the pedal with my foot which sorted it. Clutch Pedal sticking? - posted in Technical Section For MK1 & MK2: Help! Citroen Xsara Picasso 2. when i called renault they said through it away we don't use them anymore,so i did. If the clutch pedal stays on the floor after you take your foot off, then the release plate on the clutch assembly has been punctured by the clutch pushrod, and you will need to replace the clutch set. I have bled the clutch, I rebuilt the clutch master cylinder, and the slave cylinder seems to be working fine. Got everything in after a few troubling hours (mind you This is my first time working on cars). As with any system in the Porsche 997, there's a right way and a wrong way to treat it. 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier the very Basic Model don't know exactly the Model, because everything is Manual on the Car-I never got any kind of symptoms and I was driving home and all of a sudden my Clutch Pedal stayed on the floor and no pressure, I had to towed my car from 4 blocks away to my house. Jan 23, 2013 · Got into the car this morning and noticed that the clutch pedal is sticking in the middle. Buy a manually adjusted clutch cable, install it, and adjust it, then test the clutch again. The clutch pedal goes to the floor and as if there is no brake fluid, but that wouldn't explain why it is stuck engaged. Jan 27, 2013 · Picasso xsara sticky clutch pedal - posted in Questions about the Citroen Picasso: Just to confirm that my car has offically diagnosed with a leaking injector, by a Citreon specialist! Thanks for your kind support I have another question now for advice please. May 10, 2005 · Heavy/enthusiastic clutch pedal movement when attempting quick shift. 4L Manual with a clutch pedal issue. Apparently it is caused by fluid passing by a seal on the clutch cylinder mounted on the gearbox. I bought it when it was 6-months old from a Ford main dealer when it had 8,000 miles on the clock. it drives fine until I give it a bit and go into the higher rev range that when taking foot off the clutch it does release most of the way but hangs up/sticks halfway, still driving and hopefully not slipping it, I have to put my foot under and just tap it and pops up, just on that last little bit as it springs out lately my clutch will hesitate for a short second if im holding it down. Also, the under dash spring seems to be ok. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Hi guys, Yesterday I experienced weird clutch actions. Going to change gear at a roundabout, the pedal travel stopped at halfway up on release, but didn't ride or slip, and this kept happening and I didn't really notice what I did to get it to return. open bleeder valve pour brake flood in master cylinder let it sit for a while so that it will bleed it this weekend i was driving to a friends house for the superbowl when the clutch pedal got stuck about halfway down. Called Techline. Spigot bearing isn't directly related to a sticking clutch pedal. 10 minutes later, the car will not go into gear and the clutch pedal gets REALLY hard to push at the halfway point. If you start to feel or hear something unusual when you shift gears or press the clutch pedal down, pay attention because it may signal a problem with your master cylinder. A Toyota Truck clutch consists of the clutch reservoir, the master cylinder, hydraulic line, slave cylinder, throwout bearing release arm, throwout bearing, pressure plate and the clutch. one spring is above the clutch pedal and its constantly pulling the clutch up. In some Porsches the clutch lines flex to and from and allow air in past the line couplings and this causes the clutch pedal to stick halfway or even all the way down. I can pull it back up with my foot and it stays. The pedal sticks about 1-2 inches from being fully released. Hi new to this site and this is the family's first Citroen. Just coasted to hard shoulder. If I understood the mechanic, underneath the car, whatever is on the other side of the clutch pedal started to crack and separate from the firewall and so pressing the clutch pedal didn't fully disengage the clutch. A clutch pedal that stays on the floor means that you have binding problems with the linkage or release bearing. In this case, check that the springs in the linkage are not over-stretched – they may need adjustment. sticking clutch in 08 VW Last week, it was getting stuck halfway up, and the pedal wouldn't come completely up without an extra nudge. It seems that if I hold the clutch pedal fully in for more than 5 - 10 seconds it sticks to the floor and kinda needs a bit of a kick / bounce to get it to spring back up. Any ideas what`s causing this? I have recently had the clutch pedal sticking on return about halfway out. what can i check before forking out cash for new cylinders only to find out its somthing simple like an air lock, some one suggested a collapsed hose? The clutch pedal sticking halfway is most likely due to a problem with the pedal return springs. Clutch Pedal Sticking Halfway on return Dodge Dart Transmission. If your clutch is engaging/disengaging harshly then this could possibly lead to the pressure plate fingers being defective. A loose clutch pedal can compromise your ability to control and steer your car. One holds the adjuster to the fork, and the other holds the fork in the foward position relative to the frame. Just had the master cylinder changed,as I had low bite point on clutch,the sticky pedal was there before changing master cylinder,but its now worse. The clutch pedal on my T5. So I white greased around the pedal and checked the spring etc and all seamed fine for a while. I had the slave cylinder replaced recently as I heard they are a known to cause this problem. Symptoms, sticking pedal, sometimes all the way down, crunching, clicking, bad feel etc. Apr 17, 2017 · 03-07 Infiniti G35 Nissan 350Z Sticky Clutch sticks half way fix Master Cylinder locking nut adjustment. clutch pedal sticking halfway