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The DA30 comes with either 6550's or KT88 (6550/KT88/KT90), but I would be interested to hear the EL34 to see if there is a different characteristic to the KT88. 5mm, for M3 or 1/8" screw Socket hole : >26. KT88 - Marconi-Osram Valve Co. A. A classic audio output beam tetrode characterized by high power output allayed to low distortion made it ideal for audio amplification, however, it does find use with many guitar amplifiers whe Originally, 6550's, like the 5881's, were made as servo amplifiers for the B52 bombers, and wasn't suppose to be used as audio tubes. Posted on June 8, 2015 June 8, 2015 Ella Push Pull EL34/KT88 Amplifier Schematic. KT88 vs 6550 tubes. I recently got a quad of EAT kt88 tubes for my Mcintosh MC275. Simon. If you care about tone, re-tube with Tung-Sol. 6K iron but the EL34’s ran out of steam without a lot of feedback with the 4. Most amps using 6550’s can also use the JJ KT88’s for a different sound. Very powerful, with strong bass and very bright highs. Lots of JJ and others brands to like Electro harmonix, 6L6, KT66, KT88, 6550, 12AX7, 6DJ8, 7044. The amplifiers are 50 ohm outputs and one would have to use an impedance matching transformer to use 4, 8 and 16 ohm speakers. The Tube complement of the amplifiers are a pair of 6550 (or KT88 could be used) output tubes a pair of 12AU7 tubes and one 12AX7 tube. Written by. Sロゴ(リフレクター工場製). ***. Well, at least to hi-fi enthusiasts. Find great deals on eBay for kt88 tube and 6550 tube. 1). 6x 6550, KT88 dual mono blocks **278CX has sufficient VA for two channels but excessive voltage; regulation required. KT88. Made in Russia For years I have chosen the kt88 over the 6550 due to the massive improvement in tone I got by replacing sovtek 6550's with JJ Kt88s. This is Multipurpose tube amplifier, compatible KT88,6550, EL34, KT66 tubes, after the power toggle switch to the Lots of fully tested Chinese special production and selected KT88's and 6550's full printed test results provided starting at $ 25. 真空管 6550のすべてのカテゴリでの落札相場一覧です。 「△▽CONRAD JOHNSON 6550 プッシュプルアンプ 真空管パワーアンプ コンラッドジョンソン」が54件の入札で 87,500円、「【ジャンク扱い】真空管 KT88,6550 等」が50件の入札で98,155  6550, GE(米国), ¥30000-(ペアー). Hammonds are fine. no i didnt blow anything up, played it like this for several hours and nothing. 5mm x 4. The 6550 can be used interchangeably with its European rival, the KT88. 6AK5/EF95 6AQ8/ECC85 6as7/ECC230 6bq5/EL84 6DJ8/ECC88 6sn7/ECC32 12at7/ECC81 12au7/ECC82 12ax7/ECC83 12BH7 300B 5687/7199/6900 5751 5814 5963 5998 6080/ECC230 6189 6550/KT88 7062 7316 Amperex Bendix Brimar CBS-Hytron Ei EL34 Electro Harmonix GE Genalex Ken-Rad Mazda Mullard Phono Cartridge Raytheon RCA ShuGuang Siemens Sylvania Telefunken Tesla KT88 and 6550 are almost same charactor so you can use each other same amplifier. A schematic of the SE KT88 tube amplifier that I have built is amplifiers. The overall sound quality of a good vacuum tube amplifier is almost impossible to replicate and the quality of the amplifier is directly related to what type of tubes it is running. Abstract: KT88 GEC 6550 KT88 6550 Tube tubes kt88 CV5220 GEC KT88 valve 6550 kt88 data Tube 6550 Text: THE M-0 VALVE COMPANY LIMITED KT88 Grenalex BEAM TETRODE BRIEF DATA The KT88 has an , . Shugang Treasure KT88-Z vs. cv5220, kt88, kt88s, kt88sc, kt90 Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. The rear-illuminated front panel meter is used to adjust the polarization of the tubes. Superior sonics to KT88 Genalex / GEC. introduced the KT88 in 1957, and its Genalex Gold Lion KT88 became known as "King of Power Tubes. T head, Ampeg 1988 There are many pentode good for audio amplifiers but the most common in the current production are the EL34, 6550 and the KT88 so follows a compare table with the main characteristics and price. The KT88 had a more slam in the midbass and bass, but I never felt it conveyed the music as effectively as the 6550. As a drop-in to existing 6550/KT88 amps, the KT120 is impervious to overload, delivering peak power with extreme reliability and almost infinite tube life. Silver / Black KT88 tube option is with PSVANE KT88 power tube Or Shuguang's 6550 Power tube. There are 24 shuguang kt88 suppliers, mainly located in Asia. Its called "One-up-man-ship". With the Group "B" tubes (6550, KT88, KT90) the design is conservative and keeps the tubes at about 75-80% of their ratings which will extend the life of the tubes. 6550 vs KT88; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 6550c(winged c) , new production Tungsol copys 6550's, JJ kt88's, and Electro Harmonics kt88's. Discover over 172 of our best selection of lamp power, radio tube, xuanzu, quad tube on AliExpress. kt88/6550 是敏感,娇纵的,天性不适合平凡。需要的是宽裕,甚至豪奢的环境。所以万不可抱着用 kt88/6550 来装点贫寒,提高便宜机器档次的概念。换句话, kt88/6550 不适合穷人。 The JJ KT88 is an amazing tube! They are extremely thick and rich sounding with no loss of high end like the chinese made KT88’s. Re: KT88 or 6550 amp tubes? Christopher, I ran KT88s and 6550 tubes in the 502. Introduction. The Tungsol 6550's are really pretty good. The JJ KT88 delivers a powerful 42 Watts with plenty of headroom to spare. They are only interchangeable in certain situations. We only have one set like this that are as close a match as you can get on high power valves such as these KT88 GENALEX EQUIVALENT = GEC TT21 The TT21 is a GEC transmitting BEAM TETRODE that looks just like a KT88 with a top cap connection. I've been pretty lucky at getting some nice quality TS tubes at very good pric Aug 10, 2008 · Thanks, if I am reading the valve ratings correctly, the EL34 would considered the weaker of the two. KT88 is similar with CV5220 and 6550,they can be replaced by each other. Most of them show these audio beauties used in the push-pull configuration in order to obtain the greatest efficiency and the most power output. I've heard some stories that the KT88's are a little more fragile as well. Sovtek. I had intended on putting them in my HK Citation II amplifier when I somehow got the impression (via several sources on the internet) that the KT-88 has a 42 Watt plate dissipation rating and the Tung-Sol 6550 only a 35 Watt rating. The Svetlana KT88 is made exclusively at the Svetlana Electron Devices factory in St. You will be f I would have to disagree with SG in that the KT88 is MUCH more musical to my ears. For the 6550 sound think Slash, Zakk Wylde, and Ace Frehley. E. A single pair of these tubes is cabable of delivering 100 watts or more of clean power. 真空管のプレムアムブランド「グルーブチューブ」は、創業1965年の輸入商社、 コンチネンタルファーイースト株式会社、が日本の正規輸入代理店となっております。当 ページは、6550シリーズ及びKT88シリーズのパワー管をご紹介いたします。真空管 ギター  TUNG-SOL 真空管 6550 /MP マッチド2本組 ST 傍熱ビーム管 TTS6550/MPがホーム オーディオアクセサリストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け Mullard Reissue KT88 2本組 マッチドペアー · ¥9,712 · Genalex GOLD LION  まずこちら KT88は Deep Purleのギタリスト Ritchie Blackmore氏も使っていた英国の 真空管の規格で、メタボ系だるま型が特徴なパワー管 KT88で、マニアなら 6550より 間違いなくこちらだるま型パワー管 KT88を選びますねぇ。しかーし、日本固有の問題  The KT88 is a beam tetrode/kinkless tetrode (hence "KT") vacuum tube for audio amplification. Please inquire if you don't see the sets you want. It's maximum output power is 100 Watt for a pair. Rugged stainless steel chassis High quality EI transformers and components Switching between ultra-linear and triode Switching between line and direct input Innovative tube circuitry with choke coil Point to point soldering Mirror image pair Selling my Jolida only because I found a vintage pair of Dynaco mono blocks. The Valve Art has three getters for long lifetime. Get the guaranteed best price on Power Tubes like the Genalex KT88 Gold Lion Power Tube Sets at Musician's Friend. BEAM PENTODE KT88 is a beam output pentode with an octal base and power of 42W. Jul 08, 2004 · I believe the 6550's are a more commercial and robust variation on the KT88's. In this amplifier you can use only KT88 and KT90. You can use KT88 in place of 6550 in most cases. correctly. 6550. Then it brings them up to full operating point over the next 45 seconds. HIFI enthusiast usually found KT88 to sound better in HIFI amps. The plate structure is different form true. There is no extra fees for burn-in or matching. The bass is unique in that it compresses the very bottom end. The top supplying countries or regions are China, Hong Kong S. R. 6550C Svetlana(Sロゴ). Those are supposedly revered as one of the best. 97. This week we're going to talk a bit about an oft overlooked power tube, the KT88. Also, are there any over arching tonal differences between 6550 types and kt88 types? 6550, KT88's, and KT90 are interchangeable. May 22, 2011 · i was curious tonally what the differences are between kt88's and 6550's ? i recently tried a pair of kt88's in my jsx, and loved the way they sounded. They and the KT88 have a tighter, cleaner sound. Jun 02, 2015 · Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue with Fargen OLDE 800 Mk2 and 1970 Marshall 2x12 Cab Model 1972 with Pre Rola Celestion Greenbacks G12M25 55Hz, T1511. Today, KT88 and 6550 are readily available from many suppliers and in comparison to todays money value they have decreased in price. SV(S) 6550C /MP (2本組 ), ¥10,265(税込) ¥9,332(税抜き) KT88 復刻Gold Lion  Find a large selection of current production or NOS 6550, KT88 power tubes. Wow, where to start For starters the 6550 and the KT88 have the same Gm as the EL34, so they're quite dynamic. Equipment used- guitar and bass Ampeg 1972 S. Hifistit mieltyvät useimmin KT88 putkien soundiin  6550 復刻TUNG-SOL. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. This tube is a favorite of audiophiles. Our tubes are always tested, matched and guaranteed. Check out our Supermatch technology. Jul 03, 2012 · The Shuguang Treasure KT88 and its “sister” tubes, the Psvane KT88, and the Fuller KT88 (not the Full Music graphite plate KT88; that is another review!) … these are all the same great KT88 tube and they are really the top of the field of KT88s on the market. Dec 25, 2008 · General rule is that the KT88 goes anywhere a 6550 will and usually the reverse as well, but the 88 was the more highly rated tube. 6550's will fit. I promised to write something about these much-loved tubes after I'd put about 100 hours on them, so here we go. The amps were made by Schulmerich for their Carillons. Not really like solid-state, but in that direction. 05") and < 30. Comparison review by Gary S. Has anybody retubed any audio research amps with KT88 in place of 6550?I think I've read somewhere that it is not recommended,still some KT88 tube manufacturers say that they are a direct replacement for all 6550. We issue a test certificate with each set . With my system and to my ears, the 6550c's are slow and thick sounding. This had been the best sounding new production 6550 until the release of the JJ 6550. At the cost of some amplification ratio (overall volume) we get much cleaner sound. Specifically designed for audio amplification, the KT88 has similar ratings to the American 6550 which was designed for use as a servo amplifier. " The KT88 is a larger version of the KT66 that features higher power and very low distortion. Radio tubes are valves. It is a great-sounding amplifier that has been used by Stereophile to test high-end speakers and which in 6550/kt88 Labeled and boxed as Mullard, but these are IDENTICAL to Gold Lions, Genelex, GEC, etc, which are merely brand names these were sold under in different markets. I'm told that the KT88's are more musical while the 6550's are more punchy. Bonne Terre, MO 63628 sndtubes@vacuumtubes. Cryogenic Treating. Just put any KT88 or 6550 tube in and the amp will bias it. KT88MP-SVET Audio Tube, Matched Pair, 6550 / KT88, MFR: Svetlana. The cosmetics would have May 27, 2011 · The New Issue KT88 Gold Lion's or the Tung Sol 6550's would sound great. If you want the best, than right now it is the Shuguang Treasures KT88Z. I have tried and liked SED winged c kt88, and New Gold Lion kt88. They all worked great with the 6. The KT88 fits a standard eight-pin octal socket and has similar pinout and applications as the 6L6 and EL34. But now they are the choice power tube for most hi-fi audio systems. Big gap Tesla way ahead of even that. if I have a time to write. Petersburg, Russia, and is marketed worldwide by PM Compon ents Ltd. Initially had to answer the question "Classic Push Pull or a Single ended amp ?" My 6550's power output tubes on one of my ARC VT150SE monoblocks just went out, those were the old Russian ARC supplied tubes if i remembered correctly that was replaced when it went to the ARC recommended service center locally approximately in 2009. Although there are some difference between these two testers, the results should be in the same ball park "around 10000 +/- 1500 Micromhos is good" for a 539B/C, and this is close to your KS15750. For road use we recommend 6550 for better reliability. DIY Single-Ended (SE) KT88 / 6L6 / EL34 / 6CA7 Tube Amplifier. Loads failed on me. It was so far ahead of anything else it was a joke. SHUGUANG KT88-98 KT88 6550 NEW PLATINUM MATCH QUADFREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE DESCRIPTIONBased on our customer responses this KT88 tube definitely has the best bang for the buck of all the KT88 types. The Shuguang KT88-98 tube is of the same construction as what we have sold as the Gold Aero and Penta type tubes. 4". I have reluctantly decided to sell my Melos tube amplifier. This provides incredible bass response without ever losing control. The KT88 was invented by Marconi-Osram Valve Co. This amp is a super performer. Screw Mounted hole 3. Title: KT88 Author: M-O Valve Subject: JA-FP-2000-10-01 Created Date: 10/1/2000 7:35:29 PM A wide variety of shuguang kt88 options are available to you, such as 2 (2. they will take a little more current from conventional AC heater supplies [average is around 100ma once valve has it is funny how they blindly copy the “insomnia ideas” from Tube Journal again and again )) kodabmx, for the output stage: - each network of 2 x SR1100 + 10K + 10,000uf (paranoid!) can be replaced by a simple Zener, because it is what it does; RARE MUSICRAFT M-60 M60 Mono 6550/KT88 Tube Amplifier 60 Watts Chrome/Black - $500. As a result, KT88's and 6550's are produce cleaner tones and have low distortion, making it popular amongst bass amplifiers and high end audio applications. But just like speaker/amp/cables everyone has a preference of sound quality. We carry all of the major brands in NOS, vintage and New Production vacuum tubes. KT88/6550Aプッシュプルアンプ製作例. However, less than 10 hours one of I have search btu couldn't find a topic on those power tubes . The system applies the full negative bias for the first 60 seconds so the tubes are only heating, but cannot conduct. Electro-Harmonix KT88 Vacuum Tube High power kinkless-tetrode for use in amplifiers such as the Marshall Major. 6550 Tubes 6550 Origin. The 6550 is a beam tetrode vacuum tube introduced by Tung-Sol in 1954 for application as an audio frequency power amplifier. Very rugged version. 3K iron. The 6550 was designed by Tung-Sol, New Jersey U. The Line Magnetic integrated amplifier LM-216IA is a push-pull amplifier with 4x KT88 tubes in Class AB amplification and delivers 2x22W in triode mode and 2x38W in ultra-linear mode. Other US manufacturers such as GE and Sylvania followed and produced 6550 tubes also, but with a straight bottle. 6550 / 6550A PENTODE (US BRANDS ONLY) (click on links below to check stock) 6550A GE welded plates 1970's 6550A GE stapled plates 1970's - 1992 JAN-6550A GE stapled plates 1970's - 1980's 6550 Sylvania 1970's - 1982 6550 Tungsol gray plate with holes 1963 - 1970's 6550 Tungsol gray smooth plate 1960 - 1963 6550 Tungsol black plate 1950's - 1960 Cayin A-88T MK2 tube EL34/KT88/6550 Integrated amplifier audiophile power amp 100% Brand New Cayin A-88T MK2 is an integrated Amplifier, it is a Power Amplifier too. Limited Quanity Available, New Old Stock , No longer available for Export, (Early 2000's), 90 Day Warranty through RF Parts Company. V této kapitole najdete výkonové elektronky typu 6550 a KT88. KT88's generate a lot power, handling significantly more plate voltage than other power tubes. In that amp and very specifically that amp, I found the 6550 be more liquid and musical overall. Heavy plain white boxes with dividers to cushion tube. My reference power amplifier is the Bella EXtreme 3205, a push-pull pentode that can accept either a quad of EL34/6CA7/KT77 tubes biased at 40mV or a quad of 6550/KT88/KT90s biased at 50mV. With 16 tubes you are talking some very serious cash. The KT88 was first produced by Marconi – Osram Valve, a subsidiary of GEC in 1956 and continued for a 28-year production span. Overall a great KT88 tube for orchestral, opera, and jazz music. Bewitch 6550 Russia Tube Hi-fi Integrated Amplifier KT88 EH Deluxe Edition 2018 Bewitch 6550 EH Russian Tube Hi-fi Integrated Amplifier Deluxe Edition 2018 100% Brand New Come with valve cage cover Declaration All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box. Nobsound Vacuum Tube Amp Amplifier Plate Bias Current Probe Tester 8 Pin Socket for EL34, KT88, 6L6, 6V6, 5881, 6550, KT66, KT100, KT120, 7027 (CT1-P, Plate Current) Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Factory Platinum Matched Quad Svetlana 6550 6550C tubes, BRAND NEW in Box ! at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Product Review - A Comparison of 6550 and KT-88 Power Tubes - June, 2002 Jason Serinus. Kt88. if there is too much of a difference i will just continue running it at half power, but The 6550 KT88 Matched Quad are factory matched and further tested and refined matching by us. S. Could NOS EL34 be The schematic given here, shows 64 Watt in Push Pull. However, due to reliability issues I have had with the JJ's recently, I have switched to =C= (SED) 6550s and seem to like what they do as much if not more than the kt's. Although the JD-502B ships only with a quartet of 6550's, I had the opportunity to listen to the JD-502B with both types of output tubes. It can be used in place of 6550 tubes. Two valves in Class AB1 give a continuous output of up to 100W. Kt88's are super clear and clean, but keep it too clean for me. Oct 14, 2016 · The KT88 is one of the few classic audio output valves. GoldLion KT77 · GoldLion KT88. The KT88's , if they're real KT88's will give you a little more headroom than the 6550's. Now I'd never buy Ruby's, but they did work well for years. Store Hours Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm Central Time : SND Tube Sales . Replace the input tubes - 6N9's with russian 6N8's or USA 6SN7GT or similar (all four octal tubes can be the same). If wanting a good all around the Tungsol 6550. KT88 is upwards compatible with 6550 tubes. 5mm, 1. The 6550 and KT88’s did not care and worked great with the 4. Tube Testing It's a more wide open tube than the Tung-Sol RI 6550. Check your amplifier's. Biding for 50pcs each lot. Black plates. It was the Tesla KT88. 復TS 6550 /MP (2本組), ¥10,738(税込) ¥9,762(税抜き). Suosittelemme 6550:a keikkakäyttöön paremman luotettavuuden saavuttamiseksi. Among my first equipment reviews for this website was an evaluation of the Bruce Moore Dual 70 tubed power amp. Extended operation for Musical Instrument According to this post which used a Hickok 539B, you should be getting higher values. It was the 'better' 6L6, with higher output at the same input signal. Shop our great selection of KT88, 6550, KT90, KT120, KT150, vacuum tubes now. You may have to register before you can post: click the register According to the manufacturer the Gold Lion KT88 is an attempt to recreate the original Genalex, which was introduced in 1957. Vacuum Tube Warranty & Return Policy. The idea of building a DIY audio vacuum tube amplifier based on high-quality materials begins in the early 90's. The Gold Lion KT88's are very musical in my system and and compare very close to the Tung Sol KT-120. The amplifier is in good working condition. The Amperex 6550's were unanimously agreed upon as the best NOS 6550 by all. The top cap anode connector gives better isolation between anode and grid. During the 1960s, KT88s were approx $10 each and difficult to source in quantity. Whatever you build a soundclip is a REQUIREMENT! Jim May 28, 2010 · Most output valves in HiFi valve amps (40 Watt and less) are Cathode biased in the same way that pre-amp valves are biased. 6550 and KT88 are quite similar, and the data sheet differences to my opinion result mainly from specifying things different. , which supply 75%, 25% of shuguang kt88 respectively. and cathode chorke drive. KT88 Tube. The Svetlana KT88 is manufactured in the Svetlana factory in St. The 6550 came out in 1955 and the KT88 came out in 1956. I only had 4 so no where near as expensive. I hope you enjoy it. Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935 and Power/Output shown. Most of today's applications for either of these tubes is generally well below what they are designed for. No idea how long they'd been in there before I got the amp. please try it's. The JJ KT88 is an excellent choice for Hi-Fi stereo equipment as well as guitar amplifiers. Buy products related to 6550 tube products and see what customers say about 6550 tube products on Amazon. The process is the same as with KT88, only EL34 is 25 years behind. In the audio amplifier, the power can be 100W when it is used as push-pull class AB1 with double tubes, it can also be used in electronic voltage regulator circuit. Originally introduced by GEC in 1956, it became competition for the American-made 6550, but with the ability to handle a much higher plate voltage of up to 800 V, the KT88 became a common choice for power Jun 27, 2016 · Many articles have appeared regarding projects using one of the most sturdy, versatile, and trustworthy audio tubes ever made — the 6550. 使用ユニット. " The main difference I heard in the Marshalls was just more headroom when swapping back and forth between 6550/KT88 types to EL34s. Price is for a matched pair (2 tubes) and includes factory matching. I currently have a pair of 8417's running 6550's and again modify the bias circuit. The 12AX7 and 12AU7 triode fit inside the first triangle, the KT88, the second. the current 6550 tubes, which ones appear to give the best bass and best overall dynamic range? Tube 6550 or Röhre 6550 ID6062, Beam Power Tube, Octal (Int. . The two tones are very close together though. So this might be considered a step down in some regards. Shop with confidence. The Grids are referenced to ground (chassis) by a 220k resistor. ドライブ段はカソード結合による位相反転で出力はセルフバイアスとなっています。 低 能率スピーカーの小音量時でもドライブ能力は十分でパワー不足は  6550 ja KT88 putkia käytetään lukuisissa hifi vahvistimissa ja isommissa instrumenttivahvistimissa. Mine have individual tube bias and they are putting out right at 55-60 watts. For the past year or so I've been very happily running OS Tung Sol 6550s in my Audio Note Kits Kit 2 (1 x 6550 per channel). VA-6550: Nice copy of the original 6550 tube, with original cylinder glass. 商品名, MC-275. From our JJ KT88 tube listening test: "The JJ KT88 tube has the best imaging of all the tubes in this category. NOS black. A pair of KT88's in a 8417 amplifier will produce a hair over 55watts. Home Amplifier Tube Amplifier KT88 KT120 KTxx Tube Amp KT88 KT120 KTxx Push-Pull Amp XiangSheng Sound Luster D-2030A Standard Version 6550/KT88/KT100/EL34/FU50 Tube Parallel Class A Tube Amplifier A brand new addition to our KT88 offering with a 'blue' twist! This KT88-Z CB is another step of progress over current high end KT88 tubes on the market. This one runs KT88's and utilizes huge transformers. Jun 08, 2015 · Home / Schematics / Ella Push Pull EL34/KT88 Amplifier Schematic. I use 8 in my Conrad Johnson Premier 140 and have one set of Svet. TYPICAL MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL PARAMETERS Exact replacement for: 6550, 6550A, KT88, KT90, KT99, KT100 Watford Valves - Test Reviews Test Reports 6550/ KT88 October 2005 INTRODUCTION: Object of the test To evaluate the sound quality and reliability of the new batch of 6550/KT88 and compare against the best new old stock types for use both audio and guitar and bass applications. In this article, the 6550 is used in a clean, sweet-sounding, single-ended design. 00. Original pear shaped 6550 tube was introduced by Tung-Sol back in 1955 as an answer to European KT88 tube. The KT88 is one of the few classic audio output valves. KT88 are not same sound getting if Maker is different. The 6550 could be likened to a hard vacuum 6L6 whereas the KT88 is a darker and stronger KT66, which is peakier and more compex sounding. Any advice will be much appreciated. cathode of ECL82 connected with high inductance chorke transformer(80H 10mA)and hot side directly conected to G1 of 6550. The specs are the SAME as a KT88, except the TT21 has a HIGHER PLATE VOLTAGE maximum rating. SHUGUANG KT88-98 KT88 6550 New Platinum Match Quad - $195. Honestly I liked the SED KT88 better (with Dynaudio) but those too are out of production. I would like to know : 1) Sonic differences between 6550 and KT88 2) Best model for 6550 3) Best model for KT88 Wow, where to start For starters the 6550 and the KT88 have the same Gm as the EL34, so they're quite dynamic. Its likely my fav KT88/6500 variant. Mar 12, 2019 · From my experience, the JJ KT88 is king of the hill for bass. A very soft start for the tubes so they should last a long time. The last valves M-OV produced after a run of 28 years (1956 - 1984) were branded Gold Lion and here this Russian tube made by Genalec carries the same branding, but this valve has been made for the modern audio market. 0), 3 (2. We have a walkin store or order online 24/7 2017年1月5日 先日の拙記事で6550 CSPPアンプのことを書いたけど、KT88と6550がどのように違う のか、データシート上で比較してみた。一般的 メーカーによって規格が微妙に異なる が、6550のEg2 max、スクリーングリッドの電圧が400V程度と低い。 同じメーカーの球なので、音色は基本的に同じように感じますが、比較するとKT88の方 がハイが結構伸びています。一方で6550Cで張り出して聴こえたボーカル帯域が少し 引っ込む感じがしました。多分、こちらの方がフラットなのでしょう。良い意味で優等生  2016年5月1日 続いてはTung Sol 6550。6550というとKT88互換球という理解されている方が多いと 思いますが、実際はKT88よりも最大定格が低く、音質的にも異なることを理解する必要 があります。ひとことでいえばKT88よりもしなやかで弾力性のある音  2016年7月16日 純正はダルマ管と言われ、だるまさんの形に似ているからです。 1.ダルマ管6550: RCA、TUNG-SOL製の2種 2.GE6550 GE製 3.KT88 GOLD LIONとGEC 1と 2はアメリカ製、3はイギリス製です。DYNACOはアメリカ製ですので、  6550/KT88互換管商品一覧 /ページです。6550B-6GT-KT88C2 QTGT-KT88C2 DTGT-KT88C2 SGGT-KT88SV 6本セットGT-KT88SV QTGT-KT88SV DTGT- KT88SV SGGT-6550C 6本セットGT-6550C QTGT-6550C DTGT-6550C SGGT- 6550R 6本  真空管専門店 ヴィンテージサウンド: : KT88/6550/KT90/KT120 通販 販売ページ - プレミアム真空管♪♪♪ 210日保証 72時間エージング済 ヴィンテージ管 ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping. and became quick competition for the USA made 6550 tube. Enter the KT120, the most powerful tube in the 6550/KT88/KT90 family. Grading and Matching. Svet-6550 (flying C)& KT88 JJ KT88 new production Tung-Sol 6550 Electro Harmonics KT88 (KT88EH) Early Valve Art KT88 On various other amps I've listened to the new production Gold Lion KT88 as well as the NOS, Tung-Sol 6550 NOS solid gray plate, GE 6550 and the Penta Labs GEC copy. 6550/KT88三結をカソードフォロア直結ドライブで強力にドライブ。 三結で390Vと低め の電圧ですが30Wの出力を得ています。 長寿命・ハイパワー&ハイスペック真空管 アンプの完成です。 □ 電源部は両波整流回路を採用、十分な電源容量とハイスピード・   A-03Sは最もポピュラーで入手も容易な5極真空管であるKT88/6550を出力段に使用 したシングルステレオ方式のパワーアンプです。 KT-88と6550はほぼ同じ定格を持った 大型の真空管ですが、プッシュプルでの使用例が多く、シングルでの本格的なアンプは   For 8pins EL34 6550 KT88 6V6 6L6. Companies including Leak, McIntosh, Dynaco, and Harmon-Kardon all offered high-end amps that would take advantage of the KT88 tube's abilities. – received by email: Psvane KT88-TII vs. Any Penthodo grid bias are less than Triodo's bias so please try to use any kind of driver. I wouldn't get these as I doubt you would hear the difference in a guitar amp. The KT90 is a close. Per farsi perdonare un piccolo ritardo nella consegna, hanno unito al mio acquisto una sorpresa inaspetta» Because a review of vacuum tubes is useless without a point of reference, a bit of background on the amplifier used is in order. Can be used in place of 6550 for a more "round" bass signature. com with top-selling lamp power, radio tube, xuanzu, quad tube brands. For those of you who are using either 6550, KT88, KT90 or similar, try out these new KT120's you will NOT be disappointed. The amplifier has very few KT88 is a beam power tetreode, its anode limited dissipation power is 42W. I personally don’t quite agree with that statement. Also, the screen voltage on a 6550 is only good for 400. Michael Marx 105 N. jpg. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Power Tubes – 6550 / KT88 / KT120 / KT150 Tube Basics and FAQ. KT-88, GENALEX(ロシア), ¥15700- (ペアー). Based on the 6L6 vacuum tube, the 6550 was designed Oct 25, 2009 · kt88's and 6550s ARE interchangeable, just have to redo the bias. The new KT88 features greatly enhanced sonic performance: Increased peak cathode emission from new cathode materials; Stable operation from extended processing and They do sound incredible and I think it is probably the best sounding KT88 ever made. The 6550 has a really great glassy tone to it, like when soloing you almost have a natural delay that could cut diamonds. Sovtek and EH 6550: These are the same tube and both are boxy Winged C 6550: We actually like this tube better than the chinese and russian KT88's. 商品番号, 0186. Additionally, the output tube adjustment potentiometers are of different values in the two amplifiers, to compensate for the differences between the EL34 tube and the 6550 or KT88. e. My favorite combo was the Svetlana 6550=C= output tubes, triode connected at 480V. 00 per tube other tubes priced accoringly. KT88 is a beam power tetreode, its anode limited dissipation power is 42W. Division St. Opinions on the original valve's performance I found while researching some background material for this review range from praise to a somewhat less enthusiastic response. My Sunn 200s came with a set of Ruby 6550's that lasted 6 years of constant gigging and practice before they finally gave up. Important: please fill in your mail address. 6550 Author: RCA Subject: FP-2011-12-03 Created Date: 12/3/2011 11:20:48 AM Nov 13, 2012 · The EL34, 6550 and KT88 could take a higher B+ so up to 480V. A friend is thinking to retube his arc amp. lots of low noise types to for per-amps and head end units (Note: This is a weakness of some KT88, like TESLA) . KT-88, Electro-harmonic(ロシア), ¥11500-(ペアー). This amplifier is a very nice sounding stereo tube amplifier and looks like and competes with a McIntosh MC-60. Scroll down to see sets of 2 (pair), 4 (quad), and 6 (sextet). Cathode bias is mostly used in low cost valve amps that function from a 300V to 400V B+ supply. There is no feed back applied. European KT88's but the tubes can be interchanged without issues. com Do you know ? well ,show you how to build up single ended amplifier El34,KT88,6550,6L6 and DHT because Build up 300B Single Ended Amplifier is very difficults and get good Audio Transformer and expensive but even if use high quality audio transformer like Tango XE20S ,will be get good tone from KT88 Single Ended Amplifier. Made in Russia Tube KT 88 or Röhre KT88 ID19153, Beam Power Tube, Octal (Int. 18") Screw Pitch = 35. 6550, KT88, Tubes . This rare and powerful American-made c1988 power amplifier delivers 80-100 watts RMS/channel using either 6550 or KT88 output tubes. Good quality components are used throughout the amplifier circuit. 2020 popular lamp power, radio tube, xuanzu, quad tube trends in Consumer Electronics, Amplifier, Home Appliances, Home Improvement with Kt88 Psvane and lamp power, radio tube, xuanzu, quad tube. I can see people using them in high-gain amps where they want that tight, ragged preamp distortion without any output-stage breakup to smooth it out. 6550's tend to draw less current as well, so the filter ratio to current uptake will change a bit, but not noticeably. V. This listing is for a Very Nice Rare MusiCraft M-60 M60 Mono 6550 Tube Amplifier 60 Watts Chrome/Black in Very Nice Condition. F. ☆ 回路構成 ◎出力部 固定バイアス によるAB1級動作でUL接続にしました。 ◎前段 一般的なムラード回路です。 初段目は EF86の三結と12AU7の位相反転、12AU7のカソードフォロアーで真空管の高さを 揃え  2005年9月3日 Svetlana6550C JMさんがもってきてくれたお土産の2つめは、この予備の出力管、 Svetlanaの6550Cである。彼はもともと6550のついたMC275(Commemorative Versionで、僕のより1つか2つ前の世代)を購入し、その後JJのKT88を購入  if do you have some question around tubes amplifiers, write to me as soon as possible replay to you. The 6550 has the cathode wired onto pin 8, and the supressor grid wired into pin 1. manual to see if the KT90 is safe to use in your amplifier. I prefer the 6550. Well regarded by those who've tried them so far. It has 4 balanced line inputs and 4/8Ω output groups. Genalex. relative to the KT88 and 6550, but is not an exact replacement. if do you not  2019年9月6日 ZAIKA 6550/KT88のPPステレオパワーアンプが完成しました。 DSC02761 (800x600 ). Originally introduced by GEC in 1956, it became competition for the American-made 6550, but with the ability to handle a much higher plate voltage of up to 800 V, the KT88 became a common choice for power amplification design. With an anode to anode load of 4,000 Ohms and 550 Volts on the anode a pair run in ultra linear AB1 will deliver 100 Watts at 3. I like 6550's because they get more saturated than kt88's to my ears. Unless the filaments have changed expect reliability problems. A. This tube has a tone that is warm and lively with a detailed and balance response. 0mm (1. May 20, 2010 · The KT88 is low gain, requiring extra pre-amp circuitry to achieve a large signal voltage to drive a pair of KT88s to full power. and first introduced in 1954. but some bias adj. Silver / Black without tube option, is the amplifier come withou any tube, you need use your vacuum tubes to work with Push Pull 6550 DIY audio tube amps. I Big power tube for high power guitar and bass amps and for hifi amps. Both the 6550 and KT88 tubes are supposed to be interchangeable (equivalents) with maybe a small bias tweak(?). DIY KT88 + 6SN7 push-pull Amp / Part 1. Big promotion for 6550 kt88: 6550 tube kt88 tube 6p3p tube 12at7 tube 6922 tube ecc83 tube audio tube kt88 amplifier tube kt88 6p3p Low price for 6550 kt88: vacuum tube audio amplifi kt88 tube vacuum shuguang tube 6550 tube amplifier 5881 tube amplifi diy tung sol amplifi audio 6550 vacuum tube Discount for cheap 6550 kt88: end kt88 amplifier AmpTubes is an Australian based Vacuum Tube supplier dedicated to providing you the best quality products at the best prices possible, with fast shipping, great customer service and a smooth online shopping experience. Max plate voltage on a KT88 is 800 and only 600 for a 6550. It adopts a cobalt blue glass enclosure to provide better heat dissipation through the More Info » 6550 Tungsol Reissue Matched Pair New Russian made reissue of the venerable TungSol 6550 tube. 12AX7WA · 12AX7WA Plemium Selected · 12AX7LPS · 12AX7WB · 12AX7WC · 5751 · 5881 / 6L6WGC · 5881WXT Platinum Matched · 5AR4 / GZ34 · 5U4G · 5Y3 · 6550WE. What is the current recommendations for 6550/KT88's tube replacements that everyone is happy with? หลอด 6550 และ KT88 ได้รับความนิยมอย่างล้นหลามในแอมป์ไฮเอ็นด์ที่ผลิตในช่วงปี 1970-1980 รวมไปเกือบทุกรุ่นของแอมป์ไฮเอ็นด์ดังๆอย่าง Audio I've used 6550's in a JCM800. Of these two I think I prefer the SED. I still preferred the KT88 over the 6550 in Marshalls, but the differences between the two weren't as pronounced in those amps as they were in the UL or Diezels. Our KT88 sets are burned-in for 24 hours for maximum stability, then precision matched. 5% distortion. The KT88-TK is a beam-power tetrode that shares similar applications as the 6L6 and EL34 and is one of the largest tubes in its class. it carries a 42 watt plate dissipation rating which provides for push-pull amplifier designs up to 100 watts output. amplifier. Make Offer - matched Quad Shuguang WEKT88 PLUS Tubes 4pcs upgrade KT88 6550 Superior Sound Starts with Superior KT88 Quad Tubes. I cannot detect any difference between it and the Dynacos. 50mm (1. kt88 or 6550 Power amplifier Αναρτήθηκε από Electrons Ετικέτες AMPLIFIER , AUDIO , AUDIO TUBE AMPLIFIER , GUITAR , GUITAR AMPLIFIER , HI-FI , TUBE 65 results for genalex kt88 Save genalex kt88 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Shop the top 25 most popular Hot Rox UK supply Matched Premium Vacuum Tubes, Boutique Fx pedals Worlwide. Petersburg, Russia, and is designed to be a direct replacement for any KT88, KT90, KT99 or 6550. In general Ive been less than impressed with the GL price vs performance isn't there for me. Dec 04, 2007 · The KT88 has the cathode and supressor grid wired into the same pin (8). made by Specifically designed for audio amplification, the KT88 has similar ratings to the American 6550 which was designed for use as a servo amplifier. The 6550 is sterile and brittle in comparison. The 6550 originated in the US and the KT88 is the European answer to the 6550. We offer a version with a nice polished nickel plated tube base. Ok, I know this is a vague question and their will be many answers, however, based upon the newer versions of the Gold Lion KT88's and others KT88 tubes such as from EH vs. It is one of the largest tubes in its  KT88 EH. For those who like to roll tubes, a switch be used to readily allow adjusting the bias current. The SE tube amplifier design has been based largely around Mikael Abdellah's KT88 SE Tube Amplifier design from 2003. So basically, in the KT, the supressor and cathode feed back into eachother. 備考, パワー管 6550/KT-88 4本 KT88を4本使用して中音の密度の高いこのアンプは、1965~1975年 の間に大変人気の高かったステレオパワーアンプです。 >> 詳細を見る  Items 1 - 40 of 75 Shop our great selection of KT88, 6550, KT90, KT120, KT150, vacuum tubes now . May 17, 2009 · This video highlights the most popular 6550 and European KT88 tubes that are new old stock. original British Mullard comparison Recently I had the opportunity to compare two very interesting Chinese quads with a quad of vintage Mullard KT88. To make a long story short I have a set of Tung-Sol 6550s (not repros). Minimum order of 10 per size. They feature The KT88-TK is a beam-power tetrode that shares similar applications as the 6L6 and EL34, and is one of the largest tubes in its class. If you are looking for less distortion than a 6550, the KT88 may be for you. Miked by 2 BeyerDynamic M160 Ribbons, at the Tung-Sol created the 6550 vacuum tube, a specialized Hi-Fi audio tube in 1954. That Mac 275 is a nice amp, I would assume it is bullet proof if the caps are in good shape. only problem with kt's i i cant fit 4 in there. Product is manufactured by JJ Electronic in the Slovak Republic. C. Eccezionali. The =C= has a nice balanced tone KT88 is the BALLS! A 6550 is a fine tube as well, but the KT88 is less prone to failure, sounds a bit tougher and ballsier when called upon. The tube compliment is two 6550 per side and one 12au7 as a driver. To me they are like a combination of the best midrange an EL34 can give, the power and finesse of a KT90+6550 put together and the robust full presence of the KT88. so I can not replay to you. The 6550 is the American version of the KT88. A simple switch can be This tube is also the equivalent of a Sino Chinese KT88, manufactured by Shuguang in China and selectively screened by Magic Parts and carry the Ruby Tubes solid 6 month warranty! The EL34, 6550 and KT88 could take a higher B+ so up to 480V. KT88 labelled G. Here are some notes and photographs of a single-ended (SE) KT88 tube amplifier which I recently built. They are simply Awesome! 6550 k,g3 st- 16 bottom view basing diagram jedec 7ac pin 1 no connection or base shell glass bulb large wafer octal with barriers 7 pin low loss 87-99 the 6550 is a beam pentode power amplifier primarily designed for audio service. The figures given are for single ended use, but the valve is almost invariably used in push pull pairs. and in the USA by PM of America Inc. メーカー, Mcintosh. many E-Mail Address are fail. The KT88 is a very similar European version of this tube and is interchangeable in most circumstances. KT-88, SVETLANA(ロシア), ¥12000-( ペアー). KT88/6550/EL34 SE pictures for last model on Abr 2008 Just mounted components on chassis ,Driver is ECL82(6BM8)triode connection. You will need to modify the bias circuit to obtain the correct bias for the KT88's. Unfollow genalex kt88 to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Just my 2 cents. Can be used for HiFi or Guitar amps. You can also choose from home amplifier. Hello folks. Above: oryginal schematics Bewitch 6550 amplifier from China Some of my modifications ideas: 1. Just looking for peoples opinions and preferences for current issue kt88 & 6550 power tubes. For the EL 34 sound, think AC/DC, Randy Rhoades, and Jimmy Page. Take a look at the reviews on line. The cool thing about it is that it is easily interchangeable with most 6550 amplifiers and can be To me they reminded me of a cross between SED 6550's and KT88's. For those unaware, guitarists get 6550 and KT88 tubes cause they don't break up. KT stands for "kinkless tetrode". It can also be used in 6550 amplifiers. The mighty KT88 is a lesser known tube to some that falls somewhere in between an EL34 and a 6550. These tubes are used in hi-fi as well as musical instrument amps, and the vintage tubes are by far the best. Tung-Sol NOS 6550 next best in Air Tight ATM2. KT-88, JJ Electronix(スロバキア), ¥14700-(ペアー). HOWEVER, if you are trying to reproduce an existing proven 6550 design that is the "benchmark" for metal players, have at it. Yes they are interchangeable with the said bias tweak, but I’ve always found that the 6550 just does not quite keep up with the original GEC KT88. The new KT120 is a very good replacement for a lot of power amps using either KT88 or 6550, however, I must stress that it is not identical in electrical parameters and therefore there are some important differences to consider i. It has IIRC a higher permissible plate dissipation and higher voltage ratings, but in practice they are pretty close. Not a crappy China special. 6550 kt88