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But this does not appear to deter some uninformed "mechanics" from looking for one. New and Used Car and Truck Parts and Accessories On Sale Rebuilt 6r140 Transmission Valve Body Wsolenoids 2011up Ford F Series Truck Turn Signal Switch For Manual Transmission 1974-77 Ford Bronco 73-77 Ford Truck Shop B&M Transmission parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. - OR -. Im installing it in a 69 with an fmx. Top Sellers. Powerglide Manual Valve body Forward The AOD (non-computer controlled) transmission has a Throttle Valve (T. Parts fit for the following vehicle options. Will the 4r yoke bolt onto my stock driveshaft? 2. year part no. I know the driveshaft will need to be I just bought a complete setup with an 01 tranny, optishift, crossmember kit which lets you use your stock shifter, holley tps kit, and a recal pro valve body kit. If you have to go with a manual valve body then call Performance Automatic or Lentech. Performance Automatics AODE/4R70W Super Streeter transmission is a With Performance Automatic's full manual reverse pattern valve body, you are in total control. First a valve body detects how hard your Pony is working and at what speed you’re travelling. Full Manual Valve Body by TCI®. Features of this system include five user-selectable (during installation) levels of shift firmness for the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts as well as a special overdrive shift calibration which alleviates the characteristic and AODE 4R70W Shift Kits & Valve Body Kits Sort By: This valve body kit is designed for installation installed during transmission rebuild. If disconnected, the valve body will perform much like a manual valve body, and will not downshift with increased throttle – perfect for that day at the track or dyno! Modified shift pattern: P-R-N-(4)3-2-1; Stock shifter can be used Shift transmission into reverse and let run approximately (3) minutes. It will align with the groove in the Selector Shaft. Transmission Technical ManualsThese technical manuals provide detailed diagrams and instructions for the do-it-yourself transmission builder. This kit does not include an electronic pressure control solenoid. I swapped to a manual trans after breaking a C-4 for the 4th? time, I was simply tired of dumping money into it. First 1. People go both ways an which to chose in a street application. Remanufactured Valve Body. Im looking at a getting a th400 with a reverse manual valve body for my truck, I have a full manual/standard pattern valve body in my Chevelle, and I The Power Shift Air Shifter is our premier air shifter, featuring all billet aluminum components that are custom polished to a mirror finish, then anodized to an ultra high-luster candy apple red or black gloss finish. I know I need the tranny and will do the MVb so i dont have to worry about all the electronics, but other then that I am not sure what else ill need. A manual valve body changes things so your automatic must be shifted manually and provides more positive shifting. For Transplants without computer control. Performance Automatic Manual Valve Body with Transbrake AOD-E/4R70W 1994-2004 Mustang, Shift Improvement Kits, Performance Automatic Forward Pattern, Manual Valve Body with transbrake, for 1994-2004 AODE & 4R70W. 99. 6L 4AT 4R70W parts. Have a 4r70w with full manual valve body. 6R80 SHIFTER  Pro Street/Strip 4STB-E (4R70W/AODE) - w/EOD & L/U (Ford MOD mtr) transmission w/ computer control the computer from a stick-shift trans must be used) Solid 300M Direct Shaft; Competition Hi-flow Manual Valve-body & High Pressure  Lentech Product Manual constructed the first valve body with the 1,2,3/4 shift arrangement. ya i have a 28-3200 stall with an auto/manual valve can this be done if so how? i have a 94 4R70W trans behind a 4V 4. TCI® Full Manual Valve Bodies allow for quicker shift timing and the ability to run higher line pressures than with an automatic shift. lever, and a T. Drive 2 and Drive 1. It can be also adapted with an electronic controler if you want to retain auto shifting. The competition valve body for maximum performance and quick elapsed times in a racing application. From what I've been told about the length, the issue lies in that the 4. the valve body calibration should be Start the engine and move the shifter through all positions A Mustang’s valve body is the organ that brings life to the transmission. These parts are not present in an AODE or 4R70W transmission. Parts like Internal Parts-Main Control Valve Body are shipped directly from authorized Ford dealers and backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Dec 01, 2017 · The manual valve body will replace the electronics in your transmission accept for overdrive and lockup. 90 fox. V. Choose top quality brands ATP, Pioneer Cables, Standard Motor Products. AutoBoy Crystal Diamond Shape Touch Activated Multi-color LED Light Illuminated Gear Stick Shift Shifter Knob Fit For Car Manual Transmission and Automatic Transmission Without Lock Button Automatic transmissions have a single shift lever that is linked to the manual valve in the valve body of the transmission. For reverse pattern valve body. . The baumanator is one way to go, but you might want to look at going with an all manual shift kit or valve body. Installation and Operation Manual for 4R70W, 4R75, and AOD-E Transmissions the valve body calibration should be Start the engine and move the shifter through The competition valve body was designed for maximum performance and quick elapsed times in racing and off-road applications. Shifter Accessories. It lacks the throttle valve of the AOD. 2001 and later can handle 500hp with only our controller or modified engine computer. Key differences over the years with the 4R70W was the moderate changes in valve body design in 2001. Some C4's (late '60s, early 70's Mavericks? need to check details) had full-manual valve bodies. Its hooked up to a factory fox AOD shifter now. The swap will require: Flexplate, flexplate bolts, converter, 4R70W (manual vb or transbrake vb), shifter (stock replacement hammer shifter), shifter cable (stock), dipstick, trans mount, and fluid. Now I pull it all the way down into first, from first it will shift into second and stop, from second you have to push the button 1/3 to 1/2 way to shift into high gear, to shift to neutral you have to push the button almost all Buy TRANSGO SK®AODE 4R70W 4R75W TRANSMISSION SHIFT KIT® FITS '91-'08 FORD, LINCOLN, & MERCURY CARS & TRUCKS: Valve Body Kits - Amazon. Gm 700r4 Service Manual Pdf manual valve body and is rated for 750 4R70W and for the GM 350,400, You get a 32" tall shifter with the same Lokar Also available: AODE 4R70W Full Manual Pro Transbrake Valve Body Finally full control to shift, move the shifter and you are there. Choose one of four styles of shift knobs: Black, billet, billet with tire tread, or pistol grip. Get all the parts you need to get your Ford car or truck back on the road with the best service kit available on the market. Gives you full manual control over 1,2,3 shifts & a simple switch you can mount on the shfiter, floor or dash to control OD on/off. You can use a stock shifter. the round little end, should line up with the manual lever of the valve body. B&M Transmission parts in-stock with same-day shipping. 4L 4AT 4R70W parts. 10. 6 in my car and i would like to get rid of the shitty stock shifter thats in the car. • Hold the valve body up and place one of the long bolts as close to the center as possible. For hard launches, quick shifts, and full manual control at the drag strip or race track, you’ll want to upgrade to a high performance valve body. Top Brands Buy Your Mustang Performance Automatic 4R70W Electronic Street Smart Package 289/302/351 from CJ Pony Parts, one of the industry leaders for Mustang Parts and Accessories. All of Silverfox Performance Transmission's AOD valve bodies are complete and The SPT-MVB is a 100% full manual shift valve body that requires NO TV CABLE! The SPT-4R1 valve body is the first step to transforming any 4R70W into a  Street Bruiser AODE/4R70W. What that gives you is a 4R70W with a better valve body and improved clutches, a stock shifter, and a baumenator. Note: Valve body utilized for this kit must be a 1994 or later with an overdrive cancel switch Part# 7A100-4R70-STRBA (for autoshift) or 7A100-4R70-STRBM (for manual shift) In response to demand from enthusiasts and racers, Lentech has developed a Transbrake valve body for the AODE/4R70W transmission. reverse manual means the shift pattern changes to p-r-n-1-2-3-4 rather than p-r-n-4-3-2-1 and it will not shift by itself so it basicaly makes it a manual trans and makes it so you can run a ratchet shifter without haveing to go all the way for first gear. The system pressure programming and shift-points are computer controlled instead of being mechanically modulated. Lentech Automatics makes a valve body that totally changes the AOD's character. Like the other Deluxe Super Kits, it is the recommended starting point for a thorough transmission overhaul. 11 Step 11: Reinstall the 1/8" roll pin. Performance benefits can be realized from every feature in the ReCal-Pro™ AOD or AOD-E/4R70W valve body recalibration kit. The AOD (automatic overdrive) is a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. Whereas, the 2001 to 2004 4R70Ws had both the accumulator plate and capacity modulator valve omitted. We also offer a transbrake valve body option on all of our 4L80E transmissions. Whether you want to rebuild the valve body yourself or save time and money with a fully remanufactured unit, Sonnax has you covered. The bodies are 5. Manual Transmission Components Shift Kits U-Joints · Valve Bodies - Transbrakes - Manual Valve Body - Reverse Manual Valve Body. Includes pan gasket and both valve body/separator plate gaskets with various other items/procedures for shift feel and calibration. 1996 to 2000 Mustangs equipped with the 4R70W features a 2-3 Accumulator Plate and 2-3 Capacity Modulator Valve. description qty. That request is for a forward shift Manual Valve Body assembly - without giving up the quality normally associated with DYNAMIC's valve bodies. Note: Deep Pan required with all Transbrake Valve Bodies! Also available: AODE 4R70W Full Manual Pro Transbrake Valve Body Finally full control without the computer hassles. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Case and valve body parts do not interchange. When disassembling the valve body, make sure that you do not tear this thick gasket. Valve Bodies Strip Terminator AODE/4R70W (No Brake). Major C6 variations C-4 Transbrake Full Manual Valve Body Shift Pattern: PRN123 BTE 421500 Kit Contains: QTY DESCRIPTION One(1) Transbrake Valve Body One(1) Brake Valve and Spring One(1) Rear Servo One(1) Ring One(1) Tap One(1) Solenoid NOTE: For push in style modulator case only (not for screw in modulator), please note that this is a pro-tree style brake and the Debris in the valve body and AOD valve body interchange: 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. All you need is either a manual valve body or a baumnator electric trans controller, an 8 bolt flexplate, and a trans cooler. Performance Automatic's transbrake valve bodies are complete and ready to install. aode 4r70w transmission transgo aode-hd2 reprogram shift kit t76171e. Drill two . 4r70 tranny. You may have to adjust driveshaft lengths ( stock shafts with a lift can probably use the rear, but may need the front extended). With these two readings it can then decide whether it needs to upshift, downshift, or hold the current gear. It is designed to provide much better shift quality, control and reliability for your Daily Driver. This valve body kit deals with these problems: Soft sl… Ford AOD, AODE, and 4R70W Selector Shaft, Flange, & Arm Installation Instructions Page 2 Step 10:Reinstall the roller spring that holds the gear selector plate in gear. The 4R70W will be heavier than the C-4. 125-inch holes through this wall. reference no. is to leave the ratios as is (2. Home > Shift Kit Transmission Valve Body Kits Transgo Shift Kit > Ford Shift Kits > Ford Performance Valve Body Kits > AOD AODE 4R70W Transmission Shift Kits > 27932-3 AODE 4R70W Transmission Performance Reprogramming Kit (Full manual shift). AODE and 4R70W. $157. Overdrive and converter Lockup is on a toggle switch. $575 The BCA BOOST 4R70W conversion package for S197 Mustang. Designed specifically for the Advance Adapters AOD/AODE/4R70W & C-6 tail-shaft housing conversion. Then select NO on the Shifter Ring. The manual shifter valve has a bolt-on detent to lock shift positions. It is what they call a "forward pattern" valve body, which means that it goes This is a forward pattern (PRN321) full manual valve body. An upgrade was provided in 1998 models and onward of a mechanical diode for extra holding capacity and longer service. K0102 AODE / 4R70W, OVERDRIVE PIN (3) Number 350-3 REPROGRAMMING KIT SHIFT KIT FOR TH350 1969 UP RACE OR FULL MANUAL SHIFTS. Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter action. Fig. This Kit Is To Convert Automatic To Full Manual Control!! Note: Valve body utilized for this kit must be a Or you could go the route of an automatic valve body and look into a standalone setup such as the Quick 4 which will let you have multiple different tunes/setups for your trans. Can a cheetah shifter be made to a use on a manual valve body? Just researching this now as I plan to move to a 4R70W too once I put my blower on. The gearset design is based on the Ford "X" automatic transmissions used during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Description Early Bronco D-20 stainless twin-stick shifter T-Style Transfer Case. Included are torque specs, troubleshooting charts and repair procedures. 4R70W Reverse manual valve body? on what I am doing as of yet, but I do know what I want, im down for a full custom setup if it makes me fast and happy. i have run a B&M set up and it was a hoot to drive but DO NOT let other people drive it lol. Full manual valve bodies are used for high performance applications where you don't need a transbrake to launch. What are my options as far as a aftermarket shifter? B&M says my only options are factory shifter or the hammer ratchet shifter. W. The maze-like passages of the valve body form the “brains” of your automatic transmission, directing hydraulic fluid to the appropriate clutch packs and servos to shift gears. DO NOT DRIVE THE ROLL PIN ALL THE WAY IN FLUSH WITH THE CASE! The final valve body mod was a new manual control valve. Includes Vacuum Modulator system for line pressure control. I think I would like the reverse manual at first, but not sure about long term. Does not require a computer or contoller to operate. View search results for aod valve body and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Valve Body, Gaskets, Ford, AODE, 4R70W, Kit Automatic/Manual Find Shifters, Automatic Transmission with 4R70W Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Automatic Shifter, Ford, 4R70W/AODE Reverse Manual Valve Body With Performance Automatic Racing's full manual, reverse pattern valve body, you are in control. Specs: Quality selected core, completely stripped, all major Full Manual / Trans Brake Valve Body $799. o Pay close attention to the manual valve (piston looking thing) remember the pin on the detent arm must go just behind the head of the piston. com offers the lowest prices for genuine 1998 Ford F-150 8 Cyl 4. 1990 C1500 377 SBC Cold start + Manual Valvebody & 4K Stall Street Using the knowledge gained from our work on the AOD, Performance Automatic developed a streetable full manual transbrake valve body that has rocked the competition. when i removed the valve Find Mustang Aod Transmission on sale here with the largest option of Mustang Aod Transmission anywhere online. This 4R70W transmission features a full manual valve body, extreme-duty But along with the many sales and happy racers these components have produced, we often get a special request. 4r70w, 4r70e, 4r75w, 4r75e valve body gasket kit 1992-2014. Check out the swap here in February 2013 issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine. 4R70W Stage 3 Transmission 4R70W Stage 3 Transmission Rated up to 1200 Horsepower The Basic Performer is an improved alternative to a stock replacement transmission. 4r70w high power valve body questions and OD limits As far as manually shifting there is a paddle shifter option for full manual control. So for my next project I was thinking about doing a reverse manual valve body in the trans, and running a ratcheting shifter, the truck will be a street strip setup. It has the lowest first and second gear ratios of its series, allowing for better takeoff and was designed for better gearset strength. #KAOD-E-V #KAOD-E-V. Feb 11, 2017 · For reverse pattern valve body. band application ratios to provide firm, positive shift characteristics. For Advance Adapters kit #50-2704, #50-2704E, #50-4301 Heavy duty stainless. The price is less, and I find I manually shift my current C4 most of the time anyhow. The firmer shift quality and enhanced line pressure control will greatly extend the shift points (AOD only) will often eliminate the need for manual shifting and its The AOD-E/4R70W valve body provides a reliable and consistent platform for  The AODE/4R70W employs a different main case and valve body along with an The detent cam and roller hold the manual shift control in a given position. I use a stock AOD shifter, I just re profiled the detent gate. Global Transmission Parts stocks all the parts you need to repair or rebuild your Ford AODE or 4R70W automatic transmission. to the top of the middle ball. The Official Art Carr 2004R Transmission - California Performance Transmission stocks high performance 200-4R and 700R4 Automatic Transmissions, Torque Converters, Shifters and Racing Parts I just bought a complete setup with an 01 tranny, optishift, crossmember kit which lets you use your stock shifter, holley tps kit, and a recal pro valve body kit. PATC builds Ford performance transmissions in many levels. So, Dynamic's owner, Harold Miller, set out to design a new unit that would meet these 1st & 2nd gear trans brake valve body capability what's new. Parts of these instructions and some of the photos will refer to the T. 69. C4 Valve Bodies · C4 Early · C4 Early part 2 · C4 Late 6R80 SHIFTER. 040 inch thick and is very compressible. 47, 1:1 0. Can I install a full manual valvebody in my AOD with a lockup type torque converter? one shown, 4R70W Ford Transmission '00 '01 '03. This lever is pushed and pulled on a single plane into a number of different positions as you move the shifter handle inside your vehicle. An early AODE / 4R70W can typically handle 25-50 HP above stock power levels. Valve bodies are a major focus of Silver Fox Performance Transmission as well. PATC is on the cutting edge of performance rear wheel drive American transmi… Additionally, the kit's ability to raise full-throttle shift points (AOD only) will often eliminate the need for manual shifting and its resultant inconsistency. FordPartsGiant. This valve body, combined with other Performance Automatic exclusives, has delivered a transmission unmatched in the industry. Shift when you want, set the lock up when you want and launch off of the transbrake when you want. Apr 01, 2015 · 4R70W slips in overdrive after rebuild (06 ford f250 5. 4) - Answered by a verified Transmission Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I was considering swapping in a 4R70W and using either a manual valve body or building myself a TCU. I am putting a 4r70w in my 93 cobra that was a 5 speed. This valve body bypasses the transmission computer and lets you have full control of all functions. If you already have a reverse valve body then you need this shifter. spring. Our transbrake option can be built as a full manual unit or as an automatic unit with full automatic shifting capabilities when coupled with one of our electronic controllers. The issue with all AOD's is that 2. This package is setup to work with either a modular or coyote engine. I always ran a 3000-3500ish convertor and it was a blast to drive. May 14, 2012 · Monster Transmission Presents Curt's Corner as Curt goes over how to exchange the lever arms for the Detent or TV Cable Rod This process and principle will apply for the Ford AOD Transmission 90 fox. This shifter is set up so you pull to up-shift. Need to add C4 valve body variations (green-dot, cruise-o-matic, etc. Step 1: Turn Over Valve Body and Drill Holes. It's coming with a Hurst 1/4 Stick, so obviously if there is a way to make it look right would be my 1st choice!! (I should probably mention that it's a reverse manual valve body) But I am open to other options if that can't be made to look right. This valve body fits all AODE and 4R70W transmissions. 4R70E, 4R70, 4R75E, 4R75, AODE ZIP IT Underside of 4R70W Valve Body 2 Cast in-place bolt holes Figure 5 Underside of 4R70W Valve Body Partial Drill Figure 6 234 ill. No modifications are needed as it completely interchanges with the OE valve body. The least expensive online catalog for all your Mustang Aod Transmission needs. If you use a manual valve body and non lockup converter in the 4r70w do you still need a controller? I'm looking to swap to a overdrive trans and would prefer the 4r70w over an aod as its much stronger. j/k. Tractor pulling and monster trucks often use full manual valve bodies for better control over their automatic transmissions. Economical Performer Street Terminator AODE/ 4R70W Pricing. By controlling the valve body only through manual means it can produce quicker shift timing and is able Jul 14, 2009 · i have a 4r70w, pedal set, shifter, correct yoke for your stock driveshaft, and a stock converter (works great with eaton setups). 1. Transgo Ford AODE Full Manual Shift Kit 4R70W 4R75E 4R75W Lincoln Mercury Automatic Transmission Shift Correction Kit W Boost Valve. I use much much much more air pressure to perform a test. Going to need the front yoke off of the driveshaft for the 4r70w car, or swap the rear trans housing for one from an AOD, and use the AOD yoke. Valve Body, Cheetah, Full Manual, Reverse. The valve body will be manual meaning you will have to shift it up and down every gear like you were driving a stick shift car. The jmod is a modification to the 4r70w valve body. Those will need to be run on toggle switches. And then proceding to somehow "adjust" the shifter cable that they will incorrectly insist is really the throttle valve cable in disguise. Mustang Automatic Valve Body & Shift Kit . 4R70W; Trans Parts. This sensor tells the EEC where the driver has put the manual lever, or shifter. Nov 04, 2008 · I need a shifter arm for a 4r70w transmission with the diamond shaped hole where can i find 1 - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic gt. the diff ratio must be manual spec Fox body, not the 13 to some times 19% higher Auto ratios Ford ran to make great CAFE figures. Overdrive and Lock up are controlled electrically by switch. I could have sworn there was a thread here already by 4ourmustangs or some thing butI cant find it. Once pressure leaves the pump, its first destination is the manual shift valve, which is the traffic cop for line pressure. Four and six cylinder versions are light duty (fewer clutch plates). [I Aug 27, 2015 · The AODE/4R70W valve body is different from, and not interchangeable with, the AOD. Gearbox CVT Valve Body RE0F10A Fit for Nissan Altima Sentra Versa XTrail Murano. PATC Ford Performance Transmissions, AODE / 4R70W and others. ) shaft that passes through the center of the selector shaft. Shop for discount Mustang Aod Transmission here. JEGS carries forward and reverse shift manual valve bodies as well as manual/ automatic Transbrake Valve Body 4R70W, Manual Valve Body - Which Shifter? Within the valve body, there is one of its most important parts, a manual valve Valve Body modifies your transmission into a full manual shift, reverse pattern with an Sep 06, 2011 · Hey Im looking for a manual valve body for my 4r70w. 5 torque converter - $960 1R3Z-7210-AA - Shifter assembly Description Dana-20 stainless twin-stick shifter J style transfer case. Jul 18, 2008 · Why will he need the PCM and wiring harness from a 5 speed car to go with a 4r70w? Especially since he said he was going to go full manual valve body? Even if he were going to go with an auto valve body doesn't the 4r70w have a different computer that controls just the transmission where he could use his existing PCM? Let me try this again. what do u guys do to be able to have reverse lights? The car has a manual valve body in it with a b&m shifter. It’s a manual valve body. It directs line pressure to each part of the valve body and is the first stop for line pressure before it becomes control pressure in the valve body. B&M Pro Stick Automatic Race Shifter Without Cover 1962-1973 GM Powerglide Race Shifter; 1962-1973 GM Powerglide; Standard or Reverse Manual Valve Body 4R70W, E40D, and 4R100; 1966-Later Chrysler Torqueflite A-727/A-904   lever to slide in too far, and the lever can get trapped between the T. #150. Aode/4r70w/4r75w Valve Body Separator Plate Flexing - Aod Valve Body Body C4 Reverse Pattern Full Manual Valve Body - Jun 16, 2016 · The older ones, like mine 89 and down, use a column shifter with a whole bunch of levers and rods to connect the shifter to the transmission's manual valve lever. Dan (the owner) has spent many years designing ways to make the obsolete AOD, and its sibling transmission the AODE / 4R70W, do just about anything you can dream up by manipulating valve body circuits, flow, and function. Items 1 - 12 of 14 Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, street/strip, hot rod, street  Aug 8, 2008 transmission converter 4r70w lockup shifter switch sensor clutch parts a 4R75W and install a manual valve body and install better clutches. 92-09 Chevrolet Trailblazer Shifter Cable Repair Pin. Overdrive is selected Apr 18, 2019 · As some of you know I am building a 393w with a PD blower on top of it, I know my current T5 will not handle the kind of torque the 393 will put down by any stretch of the imagination. Our AODE valve body kits should be installed before engine modifications take place. If your adapter kit lightning rod shifter horse shoe shifter ratchet bitch shifter paddle shift eliminator fMX, C6, AOD, AODE, 4R70W, 4R75W, E4OD Kilduff Lightning Rods for Since the very early 1950s, B&M has been at the vanguard of the growing automotive aftermarket. Buy a 1994 Ford F150 Automatic Transmission Selector Cable at discount prices. "How To Do" of a 1-2 shift and 2-3 shift accumulator replacement and 2-3 shift - The "JMOD" to Lincoln Mark VIII 4r70w transmission. Direct Fit Installation. Improve your transmissions shifting characteristics by reducing the amount of time that your transmission takes to upshift and downshift. 4R70W Full Manual Valve Body This is a forward pattern (PRN321) full manual valve body. Automatic Shifter Selector; Chrysler 45RFE and 545RFE Transmission Shifters; Chrysler 518 Transmission Shifters; Chrysler 727 Transmission Shifters; Chrysler 904 Transmission Shifters; Ford AOD FordPartsGiant. AOD Only. Designed with competition in mind, this valve body is a direct bolt-on, and its fluid circuits have been completely reengineered to provide the best shifts possible. We offer many performance / heavy duty transmission parts the others don’t sell. B&M® specializes in performance automatic transmissions, torque converters, SFI approved flexplates, legendary automatic shifters, precision manual shifters, and many other transmission products including cast deep aluminum transmission pans, transmission coolers, and automatic transmission fluids. art carr has been around and a good name in NEW B&M 80605 Racing Shifter Cable Performance Auto Trans LAST ONE. 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear are controlled by movement of shifter. 0L Coyote engine the transmission that it deserves, with an easy to install Performance Automatic 4R70W Street Smart Package. I've had buddies with auto valve bodies that did manual shifting but it was never as efficient as just keeping it in D and letting it rip. Use caution here, because it is easy to drill in the wrong location. A transbrake locks first gear and reverse together, holding the car in place to allow a harder launch and more consistent reaction times. If your adapter kit does not contain the spacer ring as shown in picture #2 above, select the corresponding J or T type shifter. Discover Ford Truck Transmission on sale here with the largest choice of Ford Truck Transmission anywhere online. Introduced in 1980, it was Ford's first four-speed automatic overdrive transmission. 47, 1. The Ford 4R70W came in 1993 alongside the Lincoln Mark VIII luxury coupe. Any recommendations on a manual valve body for 4R70W? I have been looking at Lentech, PA and Silverfox. Sonnax transmission products are the number one choice of large transmission remanufacturers, quality valve body rebuilders, and veteran independent specialists around the world. Note that the factory Duratech valve body gasket is . Ford AOD Adapter; Micro Switch; Neutral Safety Switch Kit; SmoothShift Shifter Linkage Kit; Shifter Arms. Some like a manual valve body on the street, others say they are to harsh shifting for their taste and/or want their automatic to work like an automatic not a clutch Step VII: • Now reinstall the valve body. Valve Body Gasket Set 1980-1993 Fits Bronco This stainless steel twin stick is specifically designed to work with the Ford AOD transmission and adapter. I have decided to go to a full manual valve body. 6 is shorter than the 302 from engine mount to bellhousing, therefore, being that the body is longer, I will As for jiggling the shifter to line up the MLPS, that's all and good, but, is the manual valve in the correct position in the valve body? Even a small amount of off will cause a leak until the body or valve warm up, expand and close the gap. While you’re at it, check the manual shift linkage and manual shift valve. Shifter Arms; Shifters. Fits 1991-2002 AODE / 4R70W transmissions, with steel valve. Reverse and OD is on a switch, shifter is a B&M megashifter. An easy-to-install kit for modifying the valve body of an AODE or 4R70W transmission, which can compliment a Quick 4 installation. To shift into neutral, reverse or park positions, just lift the trigger and ratchet the shifter forward for each position. I No one can make the claim it will eliminate the cable and still shift full-auto. That being your automatic Shifts as fast as a manual. Mar 11, 2013 · This month, we're swapping a 4R70W into our Three-Valve Fox with a little help. Installing this valve body in your transmission will add reliability as a result of its custom fixed line pressure. AOD, SHIFT KIT AODE 4R70W 91-01 (TransGo) Ford Lincoln Mercury AOD AODE 4R70W Transmission Parts: AOD, SHIFT KIT AOD 80-UP (TransGo) Ford Lincoln Mercury AOD AODE 4R70W Transmission Parts: AOD, SHIFT CORRECTION PACKAGE AODE 92UP (Superior) Ford Lincoln Mercury AOD AODE 4R70W Transmission Parts: AOD, SHIFT CORRECTION PACKAGE AOD 80-UP (Superior Ford Aode Manual Valve Body Aode/4r70w/4r75w Valve Body Separator Plate Flexing - Aod Valve Body / Ebay Pattern Full Manual Valve Body - Broader Ford-aode. For Advance Adapters kit #50-2704, #50-2704E, #50-4301 Heavy duty stainle Just completed the tranny swap from an FMX to a year 2000 4r70w and high stall converter. Ford AODE/4R70W Sort by. Main Control or Valve Body - This part of the transmission contains all the valves and springs that control the shifting of the transmission. REMANUFACTURED. 5 and Fig. My question is pertaining to manually shifting the AODE and the 4R70W transmissions and the difference (if any) in the way they can be manually shifted. › Up grading to a AODE/4R70W. A no engine braking with the shifter in the manual 2 range may also be noticed as Technical Service Information FORD 4R70W MAIN VALVE BODY LEGEND ORD AOD / AODE / 4R70E/W / 4R75E/W RWD 4 Speed D C E B A Stator Reverse Clutch Forward Drum Center Support Reverse Band Rear Planet Direct Clutch 1 - 2 Accumulator 2 - 3 All NEW electronics for Ford's AODE, 4R70W, 4R75W transmissions. « previous next ford 4r70w automatic transmission shift kit (sk aode) aode 4r70w 91-08 aode, 4r70w a, transmission parts, 4r70w 4r75w 4r70e ford automatic transmission parts online: ford 4r70w automatic transmission shift correction package aode 92-up (superior), transmission parts, 4r70w 4r75w 4r70e ford automatic transmission parts online Jul 04, 2015 · 4r70w Manual Valve Body Transgo Tree Reverse Manual Transbrake Valve Body. The manual shift control on the AOD-E and 4R70W is equipped with a sensor for improved control. Malcolm Spacies. Its hooked up to a factory fox AOD shifter. Master parts list Parts are broken down in categories Transmission parts Lentech 4R70W Street Terminator plus with transbrake and manual valve body $3100 PI 3 Stage lockup 9. 0 Coyote" engine. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. I ran a full manual reverse valve body in a C-4 for years, first was a winters and second one was built by a local builder. Flip the valve body over and locate the back side of the main pressure booster/regulator valve, which is across from the manual shift valve. Valve bodies and transmission shift kits are designed to provide crisp gear engagement providing improved times at the track and a more engaging drive on the street. Give that 5. com offers the lowest prices for genuine 1999 Ford F-150 8 Cyl 5. Skip to content CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts The 4R70W can be built to handle as much HP (if not more) than a C-4. All of our Super Comp transmissions include this top of the line valve body. manual valve body. Shifter comes standard with The JPC S197 4R70W Swap package is for anyone looking to retrofit a 4r70w into your 2005-2014 Mustang GT / Boss/ GT500. 1998 and later 4R70Ws can handle up to 500 HP with our valve body kit. The B&M Hammer Console Ratchet Shifter was designed to the 1994-2004 Mustang's center console with no modifications required to the factory AODE transmission. ) and AOD shift sequence. I did this write up because most others I have seen were for either a 5 speed car or a car running a stand alone computer for the transmission to make it shift automatically. Performance Aftermarket PCS offers a broad product line of transmission control modules, dataloggers, paddle shifters, and more for the aftermarket. built specifically for the Advance Adapters AOD & C-6 tail-shaft housing conversion. Converters. I wouldn't use a Trans-Go anything. I used the Trans-go manual shift valve body and a simple rebuild. Sure Cure, Zip Kits, Valve Body Kits, Wake-Up-Kits by PATC and much more. You will have to have external switches for the converter lock up and for overdrive. Shop online for Ford Transmission Parts, Converters, and Transmissions. piston and the valve body. Ford 4R70W 4-speed automatic performance transmission & Converter (No controller or accessories included) (Designed for Coyote Motors up to 420 ft lbs) *Does Not Include Controller, Fill Tube, Cooler, Slip Yoke, Driveshaft, Flexplate, Crossmember, Fluid or other accessories** Please allow a 5-7 Days lead time on al Online shopping from a great selection at Automotive Store. Let's start with the manual valvebody which doesn't This is THE kit for 1998 - 2003 4R70W, 4R75W, 4R70E and 4R75E rebuilding. Valve Bodies Street Cruiser AOD Street Terminator AOD (calibration #1,2,3) Street Terminator AODE/4R70W (calibration #1,2,3) Installation and Operation Manual for 4R70W Transmissions. Sonnax remanufactured valve body F098 is a direct replacement. NOW WITH OPTIONAL 2ND GEAR LEAVE FOR TRANSBRAKE BUILDS! This kit is designed for those looking to swap their current setup to a 4R70W using a ‘no hassles’ solution that comes with everything you need to get the job done. the pressure is live 4r70w, full manual valve body, trans brake, of the wiring at one shown, 4R70W Ford Transmission '00 '01 '03. I don’t think I was making my question clear. MANUAL / STANDARD PARTS & REBUILD KITS 4R70W 4R75W VALVE BODY SEPARATOR PLATE WITH TRANSTEC GASKETS Buy a 1994 Ford F150 Automatic Transmission Solenoid at discount prices. 67:1) and lock out the overdrive using the common Silver Fox valve body. 76300 76010a 76010e 76300e ford aod (fiod) aod-e (electronic) 4r70w/4r75w 4r70e/4r75e 76300ew rear wheel drive 76010 Anybody install a reverse manual valve body on a column shift car that sees mostly street use and wish they had gone with regular auto pattern instead? I need a big block 727 to back my 451 build and have this dilemma right now of which to choose. 5" wide and 12" long. VALVE BODY KIT, AODE / 4R70W, SUPERIOR SHIFT CORRECTION KIT. AOD-E and 4R70W transmissions do NOT use a mechanical TV cable. That will definately get me on the road. bca 6r80 swap shift lever kit for factory aod/aode/4r70w linkage. I know the driveshaft will need to be AODE 4R70W AODE-3 TRANSGO REPROGRAMMING KIT 1991-ON. Service kit includes filter, pan gasket, EPC, TCC and dual shift solenoids. 0 Item. fb performance is now offering the 4r70-w and also aod trans brake valve body with 1st & 2nd gear capability call fore more details and pricing. com The Ultimate Aode. Select one from the "Individual Parts" section below. It was soon after AODE/4R70W Connector pin diagrams. A 2-3 accumulator support plate is added during the remanufacturing process to elminate separator plate cracking. This kit includes: Ford 4R70W 4R75W Sonnax Sure Cure Valve Body Kit SC-AODE-4R75E (1996-Up) Details about Transgo AODE-3 Full Manual Shift Kit 4R70W 2nd and 3rd gear are Includes (4) governor valves for max throttle shift tuning; new boost valve with springs for tuning high performance engine applications and our patented High Temperature rings for forward clutch. valve body and went to hook up the shifter linkage and noticed They're located on the shift lever bracket inside the transmission above the valve body. 0" tall, 4. Performance Automatic has taken a state of the art approach to putting a "Ford in a Ford" for those who choose the new "5. They are 15" tall from the base of the shifter. JEGS carries forward and reverse shift manual valve bodies as well as manual/automatic combination valve bodies. And it should make you manual guys happy because I'll still be shifting manually, just without having to use my left foot. Transmission Valve Body The torque converter can be locked up in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th forward ranges if necessary. Brad at Bradco has only had one experience with Silverfox and it wasn't good. modified a 2001 Mustang shifter & cable, and built my own trans mount. The following is a “How To” of how to perform a 1-2 shift accumulator piston and spring assembly replacement and 2-3 shift accumulator assembly replacement as well as the legendary “JMOD” to your Lincoln Mark VIII transmission. Or leave it in D & it shifts normally, With Lentech;s valve body & a hardened shaft you have a very sturdy AOD. I run a 4r70w with a Lentech full manual valve body. Lighting rods make it easy to shift a manual valve body on the street. right now it just has a shift kit in it but in the future i would like to put in a full manual valve body i would be used to the shifter a Nov 25, 2010 · I want this to be a CLEAN swap that looks factory as much as possible. Jan 19, 2009 · This is my version of the conversion to 4R70W for a 05+ Mustang that started life as a 55R5 automatic car. Transmission Specs- INTRODUCTION AODE, 4R70W, 4R70E, 4R75E AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 18639 S. The question is: If I have the shifter in 1st gear will it remain in 1st until I move the shifter out of 1st? Nov 25, 2010 · Pritch, you're missing the "Man" pedal. 107 AVENUE MIAMI, FLORIDA 33157 (305) 670-4161 1 No part of any ATSG publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form or The question is, is there a way to keep the trans auto (no manual valve body), but able to manually shift it for days at the track? Basically, is it possible to function identically to how my C4 does? I don’t understand how it could since the trans has 4 gears but the shifter only goes 1-2-D, but I thought I’d ask because I’m no trans expert. MLPS or TRS - This stands for Manual Lever Position Sensor or Transmission Range Sensor. Running in reverse (3) minutes will give any contaminants in the transmission, converter, cooler or lines a chance to settle into the transmission pan and not be introduced to the automatic shift control part of the valve body or governor, causing the shift valves to stick. Motor Plates. Choose top quality brands ATP, Pioneer Cables. (Full manual shift). Brad suggested either Lentech or PA I'm leaning towards the Lentech, but wanted to know if anyone has any The AOD (automatic overdrive) is a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. 24. Full manual control. If you've ever raced a vehicle, or driven a hot rod with an automatic transmission, high stall torque converter, an aftermarket automatic shifter, or performance enhancing shifting kit, thank B&M. • Worn shifter cable / rod assembly • Incorrect shifter to shift lever ratio • Binding or sticking shifter mechanism • Incorrect gate pattern on shifter • Re-verify all settings after road test. Torque converter lock up  Now Playing: KJ's 4R70W Super Comp Trans Ford Valve Bodies. I used a manual shift valve body and a racing converter sourced from the clickclick racing forums. The C4 Pro Performance Automatics AODE/4R70W Super Streeter transmission is a great Transgo Shift Kit. shaft, a T. This transmission package is rated to 750hp but we have had cars make over 1000rwhp and is great for any street / strip application. 4r70w manual valve body shifter