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a good antenna tuner,. the band with only 10 to 12 dB front-to-back ratio (F/B). Since I already have the Both 10 Meter and 11 Meter (CB) operate on AM but within different frequencies. 4 watts) if the antenna was mounted more than 7 meters above ground level. 75’ extension boom. I've seen a couple of antennas that are advertised as "wideband" - i. 8. , be sure there is no active key logger (spyware) in your PC. Great suppression of all sidelobes. 5 inch tubing. 008 feet (11 meters), I should reduce the overall length to 16. It is shaped as 10-meter radios by making performance and reliability. Heavy Duty Mounting Plate withstands Greater   17 Oct 2017 Is it possible to tune 11 meter cb antenna for 10 and 12 meter or is that too much of a spread of between frequency's. Who needed a Linear when you had this much power without one . See more ideas about Best cb, Circuit design and Cb microphone. 3MHz bandwidth from 24. I hope admin dont mind this post, please remove if you do. 10/11 METER NMO AMATEUR HAM ANTENNA Frequency: 26. Free shipping on many +$11. Full 5/8 Wave Antenna. This site is dedicated to providing information about the different types of antennas we manufacture for the Citizen Band Radio and 11 Meter DXing. 10. Each radial is evenly spaced (90 degrees apart from each other) around the vertical element. High Performance 10 meter radio, cb Antennas, cb Microphones   Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Cushcraft Ar-10 10m Ringo Vertical Antenna 28 - 29. This would have channel 10 on 28. C. CB and 10 Meter Antennas. . Perfect for the Apartment or any place where you need a small antenna. 325 MHz, covering the 10 meter AM band perfectly! So soldering a wire on the circuit board from the area where pin P8 had gotten +5 VDC to the connection P6, should put the radio into the 10 meter AM band. This antenna is built using stainless steel hardware, all nuts are self-locking, and all holes are sealed with RTV sealant. Sideband stability is excellent, the VFO option allows you to dial in whatever frequency you need on 10 or 12 meters down to 1KHz. 47 10 CB & AMATEUR 10 METER - BASE STATION ANTENNAS 2000 Watt P. 7 db gain $89. They offer a little more power than a legal CB, and some "extra" channels outside the legal CB band. 83. The direction of fire is broadside to the antenna. Dec 3, 2015 - SR-2K CB antenna is a versatile option that gives you a free hand with the overall range of the antenna. The Making of 4 element Yagi for 10 meter band. . A gizmotchy Support Kit is recommended for beams exceeding 5 elements. Below you can find the dimensions for a 3el Cubical Quad. It stayed up all winter. Results 1 - 25 of 86 Get the best deals on 11 meter antenna when you shop the largest online ANTENNA TERMINATOR II HI WATTS CB 10/11 METER  CB and 10 Meter Antennas. 5-30MHz - $24. When you turn the antenna vertical and mount it on the tower, etc. 75 coax|15 6 Meter Aluminum Dipole Antenna Parts list: The 6 meter dipole uses the same parts as the 10 meter model, less the 6-foot length of . This link is listed in our web site directory since Wednesday Mar 25 2009, and till today "10 meter homebrew vertical antenna" has been followed for a total of 17508 times. I received 59 signal reports all along the East Coast, and 57 to 59 reports in California and the rest of the West Coast. contact us direct the contact button does not work This antenna normally has about a 3 DB gain over a 1/2 wave center fed dipole. Solarcon IMAX 2000 Base Station Antenna 10-11 Meter Antenna **NO SHIP ITEM antenna projects for 10 meters band category is a curation of 77 web resources on , A 10 metre EH Antenna, The 10 Meter Loop Antenna, 10 meter DiPole. Separate the speaker wire into two 18-foot lengths. All Gizmotchy 10/11 Meter Beams use 2 feed lines, can be used in either horizontal or vertical mode with a standard coax switch. Originally, plans specified a single set of ¾ inch saddle clamps and the much smaller element-to-boom plate DXE-BEB-3 - Polymer Plastic Boom to Element Bracket. This does NOT take into consideration the type or size of horizontal reflectors, of even if there is a need for them. Last day on ebay for this 10/11 meter antenna 5/8 wave. 00 The new Stryker SR-A10 Mag has 10,000 Watt handling capability, 10/11 Meter frequency range, heavy duty magnet mount and with a 62 1/2″ Stainless Steel Whip…. Channels 1-9 already have +5 VDC on this pin. Low noise pickup. Quick view. 95 The Wilson 500 Series CB and 10/11Meter Magnetic Mount Amateur Antenna is desgned with a heavy-duty coil made of 12-gauge copper wire for low loss…. The new Stryker SRA10MAG is the finest 10/11 Meter Antenna on the market today. 5' Omni-directional 1/2 wave CB base station antenna 10-12 Meter Threaded rings offer precise tuning Rugged 4-piece fiberglass construction with chrome plated ferrules Mounting hardware included UPS shippable PROTON BASE STATION ANTENNA Other pictures are to show what is available. This Double Bazooka Antenna Mounted In An Inverted V Configuration Will Have a Vertical Polarization and Will Out Perform a Dipole Type Antenna At Distances Of Over 500 Miles Due to Its Lower Angle Of Radiation. Get a strong, clear signal with less noise from 2 meters through 40 meters with your choice of single- and multi-band Yagi antennas with up to 16 elements. All 10/11 Meter Beams are available with either 1500 or 5000 Watt gammas. Wilson 500 Series CB & Amateur 10 & 11 Meter Magnet Mount Antenna $ 72. UNIDEN PRO 810e 40 Channels CB AM/SSB Transceiver Ham Base Station - Hobby . There should be no obstructions, such as trees or buildings, within 10 to 15 meters of your antenna. Isotron ISO-10 Stealth 10 Meter Amateur Radio Antenna Isotron ISO-80 Stealth 75/80 Meter Amateur Radio Antenna Isotron ISO-15 Stealth 15 Meter Amateur Radio Antenna Isotron - Power Divider Harness - Run Multiple Isotrons with ONE Coax Cable! 10 meter antenna - compare prices at BuyCheapr. GIZMOTCHY G21 It uses parasitic coupling between the 10 Meter dipole and the 6 Meter dipole to allow the antenna to work on 6 Meters. May 05, 2008 · What would be a good 10 meter mobile antenna, preferable magnet mount? Are run-of-the-mill 11m antennas acceptable after being shortened? If so, how do I know how much to cut off the whip? The cheapest way I have found to build this antenna is to find an old Moonraker 4. Only a few lucky hams have room for this type of antenna on 160 or 75 meters but on 10 meters the overall length is just 43 feet long! This is smaller than a 40 meter dipole. The J-Pole antenna is much more popular on VHF . Example: If the overall reflector length is 18. A 1/2 wave dipole is a real antenna, and it is the preferred measuring stick by which legitimate antenna measurements are made. The SE-10MB comes with a UHF connector. £149. Mobile 10M Transceiver, 28 - 29. the frequency of 50. net I am looking for a 10 or 11 meter stainless steel antenna so I could make a 10 meter vertical antenna, Thank you This is known as a Extended Double Zepp (EDZ). 238 ) I was able to load it on 1 meters, made some decent contacts there, but of course that far down the band, It has its faults. This calculator is designed to give the vertical length (height) of a particular antenna, for the frequency and wavelength chosen. This antenna offers a reflector design that incorporates precision-formed panels, truss radials and hub assembly using matched tooling for interchangeable components. Many decent 5/7 reports with this 11 meter wire loop. Amateur Mobile and Base Antennas . 00 17 bids 55 merlin base antenna, best 11 meter antenna, best base cb antenna, what is the best cb base antenna, good cb base antenna, starduster m 400 ssb, cb base antenna, merlin base antenna, home brew 11 meter vertical, cb base antennas, CB ANTENNA HOMEMADE, Starduster M400, 10 11 meter base antenna 11m Antenna Building Instructions on the Internet html This page contains several antenna designs for 11 meter including GP, 3 & 4 element Yagi and a 2x5/8 dipole Solarcon A-99 10/11 Meter Base Antenna With GPK-1- OUT OF STOCK. Stryker SR-A10 Mag Mount 10,000 Watt 10/11 Meter (28-30Mhz) Antenna $ 119. Its there for people who want to show of their latest bit of home made kit and also for people who are seeking advice & encouragement to build their own. The balance of the antenna is made with 6061-T6 aluminum, UV resistant PVC and stainless steel hardware. A Ground Plane antenna project for 10 meters band by N4ZAW. Measure 206 11/16 inches from the end of each wire, and cut the wires to this length. Doing so adds dB gain, power multiplication, and front-to-back separation. If you want a combination of compact size, wide bandwidth, and a low radiation angle, then these economical antennas are for you Find Cushcraft AR10 10 Meter Ringo Vertical Antennas AR10 and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 at DX Engineering! Maybe someone can clarify: I hear stories that the Hustler CG-144 2 Meter whip is also usable as a 1/4 wave for 10 Meters. Description. Cb Ham Antenna posted by Mike P in Middletown. See also K40 CB Radio Antennas, CB Radio Microphones, TruckSpec Antennas, and Platinum Dual CB Antenna Kits. Now suppose that we could find a way to achieve about 6. 54 feet 11. The SE-10MB can also be adjusted to operate on the 11 Meter band. Packed length 149 cm. To negate that, keep the CB antenna/s and 10 meter antenna/s as far apart  All Gizmotchy antennas are made of aircraft alloy 6063-T5 aluminum tubing with . 95. 00 + $150. New 6 Meter Base Antenna. The monopole was an honest 2 "s units" stronger on receive with all 3 stations (OH, IL and NC) I compared. Any plans for a 5/8 wave 10 meter fm vertical ? 4. 95 Get the best deals on 10 Meter Antenna when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. 95 shipping. But it is a lossy antenna on 11 and 10 meters. The M400/Starduster is back in stock as of June 2011 after not being availabe for several years. shortwave radio spectrum. I couldn't give you the sellers name but he's the only dipole maker/seller on eBay that makes one for ever band. 000 - 29. 0-meter antenna delivers exceptional performance for transmit/ receive and receive only applications for L through Ka-band frequencies. Purchased an 11 meter dipole off an eBay seller. 5:1 • No Tuner needed • Bandwidth: Over 750 kHz Amateur radio and ham radio item search by products, brand, category, and price. Dipole, balun and "N" connector detail. Buy President New York Magnetic Mount CB/10 Meter Radio Antenna at Walmart. What ya do, see, is you FIND the antenna, stick a metal pin in the CoAx, and hope . Based on 10  Specifications for Maco Antennas - dB gain, power multiplication, boom length, weight, Maco® Maximum Beams® & Dual Maximum Beams® for 10/11 Meters   Antennas for 12 meters are similar in size and design as 10 meter antennas. B. able to function in a wider frequency range with an acceptable SWR match (such as the Maxrad MWBDC2700 and Antenex CW27). It is inversely proportional to the frequency which means the wave with higher frequency will have shorter wavelength. output power by 10 dB ( to 0. Jun 17, 2006 · converting an 11 meter 3 element yagi antenna into a 10 meter yagi (beam antenna)? Thanks in advance, Brad Before you type your password, credit card number, etc. 73/10 You may find other interesting sites similar to this one, under the following categories: Sep 03, 2011 · zerofive-antennas colossal 10k 5/8 wave vertical antenna for 10/11 meters. 11 elements 2 meter Yagi antenna with highest possible gain for its length. RMItaly. 10/11 Meter Power Booster Addition of Gizmotchy® Power Boosters to your Gizmotchy® 10/11 Meter antenna adds another set of director elements plus a 3. Skip to main content. Five Band Vertical Antenna 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 Meter. Quick View. 09 1/8 λ spacing E 10. 64 wave on the 10 meter amateur band. I cut one down for the 11 meter band long before I became a ham. com. I now know which antenna I'm using in the upcoming ARRL 10 Meter contest! Update11-08-2011 Gave the monopole a good work out today on 10m. After all, mounting a 40 meter antenna one half wavelength above the ground would place it at Sep 15, 2002 · The 43 foot 10-160 meter Multi-Band Vertical antenna is a freestanding vertical element. ProComm Patriot PAT-12 12' 10-11-12 Meters Base Antenna. Now you can operate your Ham rig or CB inside your apartment. 000 MHz. M400 10/11 Meter. The advantage is; later if you want to use it on 10, 11 and 12 meters, you can, by just installing the spring on the antenna. High Performance 10 meter radio, cb Antennas, cb Microphones & 3YR WNTY. 7 out of 5 stars 11. All Firestik II tunable tip antennas can be used somewhere, and in some cases, everywhere in the 28. Stack two for additional (up to +3 dB) forward gain. www. Add to Cart. 5mhz. 10/11 Meter Half Wave Balcony Antenna ** Choose a product below for more information We’ve got nothing against the shorties out there, but if you want the maximum range possible for your CB our 102” stainless steel whip should be your first choice. Neither you nor your buddies should be hanging out around  16 Aug 2013 Free Shipping ** These are made of a black fiberglass lower section with integral coil, adjustable and removable stainless steel whip. The antenna mount is supplied in two configuration types; Model 8020-120 continuous 120 degrees azimuth or Model 8020-180 continuous 180 degrees azimuth. The Delta Loop is not only a great transmitting antenna but a low noise receiving antenna. Solarcon GPK-1 for A-99 $64. Can be painted to alter the appearance. 7. Enter the desired frequency. 8 (my point of interest), I have found that I should multiply the overall length of each element (or spacing) by 5. But a great antenna company called Solarcon has built a very unique antenna called the I-MAX 2000. Cobra Uniden Antenna Amplifiers Microphones Cb radio reviews modifications . Does a 2m 5/8 wave groundplane need a matching circuit? 5. Or use an antenna tuner. The sun's cycle 24 activity is slowly subsiding. The Years Of "DX" Ahead. At Lightning Antennas, we have over fifteen years of experience in the craft of manufacturing and worldwide distribution of the most advanced CB Quads on the market. Elements are constructed of 5/8" & 1/2" hard drawn 6063-T832 aluminum tubing. 960MHz to 29. of the 10-meter band when I upgrade. 10 meter radio, AM/FM stereo antennas, Connex 10 Meter radio, Galaxy 10 Meter radio,  Key Words;11 meter CB radio and Classic CB radio, vintage CB radio, SSB CB, CB links, CB DX, This is a link to "Ghost Rider's" 10 / 11 Meter Loop Antenna. Base Antenna M400/Starduster/Skylab (1254) Base Antenna M400/Starduster M 400 ANTENNA. Amazon. orders from Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Brazil and rest of Latin America. I was looking for more directionality on the 10 meter band, so I created an Extended Double Zepp (EDZ) antenna The object of this antenna: purportedly the 3 db gain, more directional, and to bypass a tuner. 3 & 11. It provides about 7. , 11 meters, cb antenna, moxon 10/11 m 27 to. 95 Solarcon IMAX 2000 Base Station Antenna 10-11 Meter Antenna **NO SHIP ITEM** $149. 6MHz Bandwidth1/4-Wave Length DesignTunable DesignDesigned for CB and 10 Meter RadiosSpecial Design for Weather Band ReceptionCan be Used as a Single Antenna or Co-Phased for Dual 10 Meter Radios from the leader, we utilize state of the art circuit design and manufacturing. It is a part of the spectrum that is specifically allocated for the Amateur radio operator’s i. 405 MHz, to the edge of the 10 Meter ham band, 28. Details. 0MHz 49" Stainless Steel Whip NMO Base Loaded Solid Brass Chromed Threads Built-In "O Ring" Seal to Protect from Moisture Spring Loaded Gold Center Contact Pin UV Sun Resistant Body Power Rating: 200 Watts Includes Whip Length Frequency Cutting Chart Requires Separate NMO 143 results for 10 meter antenna Save 10 meter antenna to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Yeticom Optima 10/11/12 Meter Export Radio Manual Try it first and if it works well for you, like it has for thousand of others, then leave it as it is. 965 MHz, and from above channel 40, 27. , 10m Antenna Selection Warren Alford, KJ4RAQ Which is the BEST 10 Meter Antenna Dipole + Reflector 1 48 A 68. Reports are excellent. E. built” antenna I use is an old 11 meter 5/8 ground plane retuned for 10. In fact a good tuner will make a 10 or 11 meter antennas work just fine on 12 meters   Shockwave Antennas Australia Building Communication Antennas to suit your needs. 000 to 29. TNT - 10 - 11 Meter Base Antenna. Bigger dimensions could give restriction, depending on your location and /or your neighbors. They are designed and built to convert to 11 meters (CB band) and be used as CBs. 5-30. How well does a > k-40 work for this purpose and is it easy to tune without having to cut the > whip? Thanks, Jack ANTTRON 305 10 - 11 Meter Super Base Antenna. The antenna requires no adjustment, since it is preset in the factory. This little jumper was soon in A dipole design for the 20-meter band is an efficient and inexpensive antenna for the novice and veteran ham enthusiast alike. Add Review × Gizmotchy 10/11 Meter Beam Specifications & Images. Cb Ham Antenna for sale in Middletown - 10/11 meter moxon yagi beam. Needless to say I'm very impressed with the performance of this antenna. This antenna offers a reflector design that incorporates precision-formed panels, truss radials and hub assembly. e. On this web site you will find mostly 11 meter antennas. It’s a rugged homebrew multi-band trap vertical antenna that works the 10, 15, and 20 meter amateur radio bands” Apr 10, 2015 · 10 Meter 4 Element Quad Antenna. Describe your experience with the Wilson 5000 5/8 wave 10-11 meter antenna and tell us why you give it the rating you did (required). Unfollow 10 meter antenna to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Oct 30, 2013 · ARRL - the National Association for Amateur Radio October 30, 2013 · Newington, CT · If you don't have an antenna up for 10 meters, here are some antenna projects for you to try and see what all the 10 meter fuss is about. The coil construction is set in a very strong plastic casing, that keeps it free   Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Sigma Venom 1/2 Wave Silver Rod CB Base Station Antenna 11 and 10 Meters at the best online  10 Meter Radios from the leader, we utilize state of the art circuit design and manufacturing. Amazon. This is what I come up with. Resources listed under 10 Meter Antennas category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. You are also required to have an FCC License to operate a 10 meter radio. 10 Meter CW Center Frequency: 28. Mar 19, 2019 · Then, Stryker CB antenna might help you. The Interceptor 10,000 or I-10K, is made from 6063 T-8 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Tubing, and is internally reinforced with the same high grade tubing at the mechanical stress points. We have many radios, antennas and other accessories in stock, ready to ship out the same day you place an order. Cushcraft achieved a major breakthrough in the development of an HF multiband vertical antenna that has been specifically designed for use with a tuner and amplifier. Walcott Radio is your one-stop CB radio shop for all things CB and Ham Radio. Half Wave Vertical vs. macoantennas. I've heard Tim (HLR) and others talking about it, so this morning just before work I fired up the Flex 1500 (5 watts outpoot) and using a 220 Ft long flat top at 90 Ft, I was able to work 2 Italian stations, the Ukraine, and Germany through modest pileups. The 10-meter band is a portion of the shortwave radio spectrum internationally allocated to amateur radio and amateur satellite use on a primary basis. An isotropic antenna is an antenna that exist only in theory. Since those bands are heating up now with the progress of the new sun spot cycle, this With a cool, cost effective, multimode 10 meter ham radio in your "shack" or in your mobile, and a simple antenna, you will be all set for some great 10 meter worldwide fun! You can even homebrew your antenna for fixed station use very easily or cut down an old CB steel whip for the 10 meter bandYes, even 25 watts is more than enough with The distance between one point to another adjacent point in a wave is known as the wavelength. 7. This is a new antenna. 050" wall thickness, additionally elements are made from 6006 an even  M400 10/11 Meter. The General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies 9. Considering this guy was working in the 11 meter band he would have been  Citizens band radio used in many countries, is a land mobile radio system, a system allowing Some hobbyists continue to use the designation "11 meters" to refer to the Citizens Band and adjoining frequencies. 10-Meter MoxBeam, KG4JJH 1 of 12 10-Meter MoxBeam Build this Moxon antenna using some unique materials & be ready for Solar Cycle 24 was excited to read on the Amateur Radio News1 that “the recent appearance on the sun of two so-called "backward sunspots" may mean solar Cycle 23 is drawing to a 11-Element Broadband 5-Band Super Thunderbird Beam for 10, 12, 15, 17, and 20 Meters. The SRA10MAG will not detune when wet or under icy conditions. $129. It is made with anticorodal a. 1 MHz Azimuth Radiation Pattern. $82. look at the pictures. Multiband matching circuit for 1/2 wave vertical. The TH-11DX is designed to give the maximum DX performance to the serious amateur. JoGunn 6x6 star 10/11 meter Base Antenna | eBay Skip to main content Welcome Guest! to the DNJ Radio Online store, your one stop radio store. The Alpha Loop is a 10-40 Meter transmit/receive antenna, which handles 100 Watts PEP SSB, 50 Watts CW, and 25 Watts Digital. m. If so this would provide a 5 dB gain antenna for 2 Meters and 0 dB gain antenna for 10 Meters, all by a whip antenna that measures 7 ft. com: 11 meter antenna. com When assembling for vertical use, set antenna on a pole about 8 to 9 feet above the ground horizontally and adjust SWR for 1. 10 Jun 2011 If you want 200 watts on 10m, it's just 35 questions away. ANTTRON 305 10 - 11 Meter Super Base Antenna. Its intended use is for commercial, export and 10-meter ham. Low Noise design Yagi Antenna for 2 meter band. 12ft x 4ft 10/11 meter moxon made by super yagi in UK. But it is paid for. All modes and split repeater functions built-in. The coil construction is set in a very strong plastic casing, that keeps it free from nasty weather. One or more Power Boosters can be added to your existing beam. We've sta rted a group for radio hams who are into construction and home brewed equipment. As the name suggests, the length of the antenna is about half of the wavelength of the frequency the antenna is cut for. Due to the enourmous size of 3 element Yagi and the current working condition on 10/11 meter band, I decided to accept the advice of 9W2RZL and thinking of constructing a directional antenna right after I obtain the 11/10 meter rig (which is maybe around April). After a decade, a new CB radio company has been invented named “Stryker”. 5 ft / Great CB antenna, easy to hide! An Amazing 10/11 meter antenna. com Jun 18, 2006 · intention of adjusting the 11 meter yagi for a "center" frequency of 28. 1/2 wave vertical matching. In some cases my 99 cent loop antenna will outperform the antron 99. 10 METER HAM CB NMO LOW BAND MOBILE ANTENNA 26. Feb 02, 2012 · A 2 Element Cubical Quad for the 10/11 Meter Band by N1UUE This antenna is a plumbers dream. The antenna is designed to be fed with 50 or 75 Ohm Coax Cable of most any length with a Balun. The band consists of frequencies stretching from 28. I > I was just wondering what would be the best antenna to use for a 10/11 meter > mobile radio?I will be mounting it in the center of my truckbox which > isn't very strong so would a dome mount be suitable also?. 998 FT. 3el Cubical Quad, HPSD 4,21 meter 43tr299 . The strongest signal produced from Northern Australia is from 43TR299 the 3 element above is the reason why. The automatic antenna tuner of some transmitters might have enough capacitive range to overcome and cancel the inductive reactance of the dipole as you move up in frequency within the 10 meter ham radio band. The 10-meter band needs no introduction with respect to the role it is playing in the radio communication worldwide. An Isotron Antenna Solves Virtually Any Restricted Space Problem - For example, a 40 Meter Isotron measures only 22 inches x 16 inches x 15 inches! Easy, Quick, and Simple Installation Tunes and Performs Without Radials or Antenna Tuners Handles Up to 1000 Watts PEP (depending on mode and version. 6 11. Choose from top-brand HF Yagi, HEXX beam, and other rotatable antennas to meet your high-frequency needs. 11 element 144 MHz Contest antenna, 6 meter boom. This vertical antenna has no lossy traps,coils or stubs to burn out ,fill up with water and detune. tram 1481 dual band base antenna 2 meter - 440 8. Standard  Bilal Isotron ISO-10 Stealth 10 Meter Amateur Radio Antenna. 61%. Full Wave 10 meter (10M Both 10 Meter and 11 Meter (CB) operate on AM but within different frequencies. (tnx geoff for using pics) homesite 43TR299. View and Download Hy-Gain 18AVQII instruction manual online. A wideband three element Yagi with a direct 50 Ω feed point is close to 11. 00 Shipping . ProComm Patriot PAT-12 12' 10-11-12 Meters Base  Handles 2000 Watts. zerofive-antennas colossal 10k 5/8 wave vertical antenna for 10/11 meters. Half Wave vertical Dipole?? 6. Additionally, this article deals with the 20 through 10 meter part of the HF spectrum. 995 MHz and channel 40 on 29. On the 27 MHz CB band; Feb 06, 2011 · I am looking to install a mobile antenna that will primarily be used on 10 meters, but I would also like it as close to resonant on 11 meters. The M400/Starduster base antenna, also called Skylab antenna, is very similar to the old Starduster Cb antennas. 1 dBi free-space gain and averages about 20 to 21 dB F/B across the band. super yagi, 2 element yagi. 000 MHz up to channel 1, 26. The Balun matches the Balanced Antenna into the Unbalanced Coax Cable. Other useful information would include your experience with similar products, infomation on a product that you would purchase instead of this one, and so on. Specifications: • Full band coverage on 20 or 17 or 15 or 12 or 10 meters with SWR under 1. And when your neighbors still talk to you, your antenna is to small. Pro Trucker 4' Stainless Steel 750 Watt Base-Loaded Half Breed 1/4 Wave CB Antenna Covers 10 and 11 Meters 10/11 Meter Antenna 2. 405 MHz. High Performance compared to other shortened antennas. on December 22, 2019 at 12:11 am Three Men Arrested In Robbery And Home Invasion In Brighton Heights. Maco® Vertical/Horizontal Beams for 10/11 Meters. 2 meter 144 MHz contest portable Low Noise Yagi Antenna PA144-11-6B. JoGunn 8x8 star 10/11 meter Base Antenna. Stryker (SR-A10-Trucker) - 10 and 11 Meter "Trucker" Antenna, Tunable, 10" Shafts, 49" Stainless Steel Whip, Light Grey Coil, 10K Watt, 26 MHz to 30 MHz, Center Loaded, Mobile CB Antennas in Stryker Mobile CB Antennas Half-Wave Dipole for 11 Meters (by 56FL114, Pete) A Simple and Certainly Working Antenna Solution. G3-144 Vertical 2 Meter : MFJ: MFJ-1835 Cobweb 20/17/15/12/10m SPECIAL: MFJ-1622, MFJ-1625 Window/Balcony Antenna 80-6 Meters : MP Antennas: Super-M 400 Base Base Antenna 400-500 MHz: Super-M Classic Base Base Antenna 25-1300 MHz: Super-M Ultra Base Base Antenna 25-6000 MHz: Solarcon: A99 Vertical 10-17 Meters DISCONTINUED: Surmen: SX- 3 Best Mobile Antenna For 11 meter DX. But the special thing about this is, the I-MAX 2000 measures out to a sweet . The MFJ-1622 Apartment Antenna covers 40 through 2 Meters, mounts outdoor to windows, balconies, railings, and works great indoors mounted to desks, tables, and bookshelves! This Apartment Antenna lets you operate 40 through 10 Meters on HF and 6 and 2 Meters on VHF with a single antenna! Mar 16, 2008 · Then the question is can you reach frequencies meant to be on the 11 meter band with a CB (10 Meter band) with what ever means ie: power mike, fantastic antenna without modifying the radio, skipping ect. 964 Mhz 3rd Harmonic Halfwave in space is: 17. The half-wave antenna has maximum gain off of both sides of the antenna (see the figure). Mosley offers you a wide selection of Citizens Band antennas plus Short Wave Listening antennas from which to choose. 2 meter 144. Excellent choice 144 MHz to 145 MHz for VHF Contests or EME work. 890MHz. 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, and 40 Meter This multiband vertical design provides 8 band coverage encompassing the 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30 and 40 meter bands. One of the easiest antennas to build is a traditional half-wave dipole. Please Note: There are No Returns or Exchanges on Galaxy 10 Meter Radios by RoadTrucker® or the Distributor. on December 21, 2019 at 10:52 pm 2019 at 10:00 am “I decided to build a magnetic loop antenna that would cover the ham radio frequencies from around 20 to 30 Mhz so I could use it on portable with my Magnum 1012 hand held radio. Low Noise antenna for portable VHF Contest on 144 MHz and EME. Each antenna has 6 basic set-up conditions but, there are many additional possibilites that exist because physically shortening (as in cutting away material) either the tuning screw or the vinyl cap itself will have an effect on the antennas resonant Excellent service, lowest prices, help with question about cb and 10 meter radio, repair, warranty and tuning. Buy Wilson Antennas 880-500100 500 Series CB & 10-11 Meter Amateur Antenna Magnet Mount Kit at Walmart. 695 MHz, NFM, 10 Watt, 100 memory channels DR-06T Mobile 6M Transceiver, 50~53. 700 MHz 10 meter frequency band. “This antenna project came out very nice. The normal quarter wave ground plane antenna consists of a vertical radiator which is insulated and centered between 4 horizontal surrounding radials which extend out from the base of the antenna. The 10 Meter Band consists of frequencies stretching from 28. All Gizmotchy Products are proudly made in the USA. I have compared this loop with antron 99 at same height and obtained near equal signal reports from DX stations. Mobile Antennas. Because it ends up being a long antenna on HF , it isnt all that popular . 1-meter antenna delivers exceptional performance for transmit/ receive and receive only applications in L through DBS-band frequencies. 47 0 4. Post by SAS21 » 13 Jan 2007, 18:07 Does anybody know which are the best mobile antennas for DXing on 11 meters. Proudly serving radio enthusiasts around the world since 2000! We welcome RM Italy and Sirio Antenna. Stealth 160 Meter Amateur Radio Antenna, Isotron ISO-11 Stealth CB / 11 Meter Antenna. Performance Luckily for me, there was a good 10- meter opening the day I put up the antenna. This type of antenna provides 3-4 dB of gain as can be seen in Figure 1. 5/8 (. Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. This 3 element 10 meter Yagi antenna that I made was belongs to 9W2ODY. g0sxc, superyagi. Chapter 1 provides general information and provides antenna site selection criteria for the either the 120° or 180° antenna mount. Xr6 pact 11 element 20 17 15 12 10 6 meter pg1n s ham radio site 2m directional antennas co phased antennas height of dipole antenna formula 11 meter moxon antenna K-40 TR-40BK Trucker Black with Red Logo. 1/2 wave 10 Meter Base Station Antenna. P. Serving the 11 Meter radio community for over 35 years, Bob's CB has the very best in 10 meter and CB radio equipment for the trucker and hobbyist. It was my first antenna and with the help of wwsx members installed it , and it worked like a charm. 17' Antenna in Three Easy to Assemble Sections. Features a lossless log-periodic driven array on all bands with monoband reflectors. 00 RadioWavz 10 METER DIPOLE 1:1 1500w SSB/PEP 200w CW (16' 9") $39. $1,699. FS: Comet 6 meter/10 meter vertical. Galaxy, Magnum, Stryker, Connex and Ranger. Four section 18. 10 Meter Wire Antennas. But if more power is needed, check out the RCI2970. 150 MHz for the 6-meter band and 28. Most parts are available on the World Wide Web or at some larger hardware "Free-Band Radio" CB 11 meter Frequency Listing These freeband frequencies run from 26. This ¼ wave antenna is a top-rated option that's most commonly found on pickups or off-road vehicles, but can be used on virtually anything you drive. 9. Up For Sale Today is The New “11 Meter Double Bazooka Antenna”, Made, and Tuned For The CB Band. The General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies 11. Figure 3 shows my 4 element quad built with old Moonraker 4 parts on a 40 foot tower. 7000 Watts AM Power Handling Capability (ICAS)Frequency Range 26-30MHz1. This means that if the base wire of the antenna goes from north to south, the direction of gain will be east and west. The MFJ-1890 is a lightweight aluminum antenna designed to operate in the 10 meter band and we had hoped that with a little messing around we could get it to tune to the 11 meter cb band. In the early 1970s, people started using CB radios in the United State. 965 to 27. To be able to resist stronger winds, this base station CB antenna is equipped with a heavy-duty mounting plate. Outdoor rating in Watts) Used 10/11 meter moxon yagi beam. This antenna may be built as a 20 meter, 17 meter, 15 meter, 12 meter or 10 meter monoband vertical antenna. The Interceptor 10,000 is a Commercial Grade 5/8 Wavelength Ground Plane Antenna, that can be adjusted to operate within its 1. But all types of antennas can be changed into the frequency you prefer. Super wide bandwidth means more time operating ,and less time stuck on a frequency your trap vertical is tuned for. SWR is under 2:1 from 26. Place a 1:1 Balun on the Antenna end of the Feedline. If you can find a Moonraker 4 that has at least the Boom and hubs (that are still ok to use) you are halfway home. This enables the Alpha Loop to be heard and be more Effective than any other manufactured loop, as other loops just can’t take the power that is often needed to break through on 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, & 40 meters. Sure, its ugly. 2 DBI Gain. 700 MHz and the 11 Meter Band (CB) is 26. 18AVQII Antenna pdf manual download. We recommend the use of a Gizmotchy® Universal Antenna Support Kit for beams with 5 or more elements. However , on the 11m band , the J-Pole still has a managable length = 27 feet. This antenna is a nice 5/8 wave for CB at 27MHz the way it should be. Solarcon Cushcraft AR10 10-Meter Ringo Vertical Antennas are patterned after the original W1BX FM Ringos. So far received 11 votes for a total score of 6. Since they are on different frequencies, 10 meters do not talk with 11 meter radios unless they are modified, which is illegal. 10 Meter Wire Antenna Sizes. 10/11 meter antenna installation instructions 5' 2" length of all elements to be measured from the base of each element b detail b 105 "driven element 109 "reflector element 20" vertical gamma match #4 x 3/8 metal screw 2x each element front of beam add all power boosters to this end 2x 10-32 screws with star lock washers thumbscrew at Steve, Just to let you know HOW good 10 meters is. Put the antenna in the horizontal plane in an open area, preferably outside. $78. com You are now the proud owner of a Comtek 20 Meter Vertical Antenna. 00. vortex antenna systems 11 meter "slim jim" The A-99’s high power antenna can handle 2000 watts of power and is extremely well insulated to withstand up to 14,500 volts. 995MHz, Front panel data port , Rear panel DSUB9 co Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for PROCOMM ring-tune PATRIOT BASE STATION ANTENNA 10/11 meter CB RADIO USA MADE at the best online prices at eBay! foundation for the 11-meter (11M) earth station antenna. Fast world wide shipping on the latest top Cb radios and 10 meter radios. 7 dBi gain with about 16 I ran this antenna for 3 years on my Amatuer radio station for 12 and 10 meters, As well as the Antena for the Propagation Beacon (Which is a Emperor ts 5010 purchased from copper back in 1994 and still works great-24x7 CW at 28. When it comes to 10-11 meters, most of the time it out-performs (stronger signal & less noise) my vertical and my wire dipole also cut for 27. 4. 700 MHz. Stryker (SR-A10-Trucker) - 10 and 11 Meter "Trucker" Antenna, Tunable, 10" Shafts, 49" Stainless Steel Whip, Light Grey Coil, 10K Watt, 26 MHz to 30 MHz, Center Loaded, Mobile CB Antennas in Stryker Mobile CB Antennas The so called 10 meter radios you are inquiring about, for the most part, are not really legitimate 10 meter radios. US RM Italy KL 7505 10 meter Linear Amplifier [KL7505] - FCC ID: 2ACTRKL7505V Working voltage from 11V to 14V Maximum current consumption 30A Safety Fuse 30A Frequency range 28-30MHz, Low Pass Filter inside BAND 10 METERS Maximum Gain 15db Input Power 1-5W; 10W max (AM/FM/CW mode) Maximum Power OUT 60W - 200W Max on AM/FM/CW mode 225W max. t. Free 2-day shipping. 64) HAM/CB 10 - 11 METERS  CRT SS 7900 Ham CB 10 11 meter SSB Radio PLUS CABLE & SOFTWARE Dynascan 10M66 Ham Radio CB As CRT 9900 Anytone 6666 10 11 m CTCSS  26 Jun 2014 I had a wire antenna up for 10-80 meters before I put up my 1st . The balun will keep stray antenna currents off of the Feedline and help to keep stray RF out of the Radio Shack. For the lower ham bands, 40 through 160 meters, few of us will have the opportunity to install antennas that are more than a small fraction of a wavelength above ground. Mosley 11 Meter 3 Element A-311-M . Used 10/11 meter moxon yagi beam. You will get similar good SWR results and performance with the antenna centered on the 11 meter band. In about two weeks' time I worked 20 states and 15 coun- tries (mostly South Americans)! A con- MFJ-1890 10 Meter Moxon Antenna (Tested on 10 meters & 11 meters/CB Band) Recently I got my hands on MFJ's new 10 meter Moxon antenna. 7 Nov 2007 "I can't work 80 meters, I don't have a good 80 meter antenna" . HF Yagi, HEXX Beam and Rotatable Antennas. 050 Mhz 82. 8 to 44 MHz. One of the best radios for DX'ing on 10 meters. The best way to avoid being fooled is to measure the vertical antenna element. 3 11. 5 feet long. On next, they bring a powerful antenna that is known stryker CB antenna on the market. Hy-Gain SPT-500, 24-29 Mhz 10/12 Meter Vertical 5/8 Wave Antenna Super Performance. 300 MHz for the 10-meter band as the “target” frequency for lowest SWR or reflected power (depending on whether or not you are using an SWR bridge or a wattmeter). 10 and 11 meter antenna